Maildistiller announces true cloud computing with the introduction of utility billing.

It’s the announcement MSPs and resellers in the email security space have been waiting for, finally a cloud security vendor offering the utility billing flexibility that true cloud computing promised.

[quote_box_center]“Just remember that cloud is not about computers or technologies, it is about ICT services or ICT enabled business services supplied on a utility basis, just like electricity, water or telephony.” (Source HM Government G-Cloud Blog)[/quote_box_center]

Maildistiller, based in Belfast, is arguably a relatively new name to the email security spotlight. However, the company has undoubtedly cemented its position in the market following almost 8 years of continued growth, success and a concentration on the development of their technology as opposed to marketing hype. Now though, with a portfolio of sophisticated solutions refined and perfected, a 100% channel focus and the introduction of the market’s first utility pricing model, the company is fully-equipped to become a frontrunner.

Colm McGoldrick, founder and CEO of cloud email security company Maildistiller, explains the necessity of a utility pricing option for the channel.

“Cloud has been around in some form or other for quite a number of years but has really only gained momentum in recent times. This is largely due to the challenges and concerns resellers face when considering a transition to cloud services, particularly the financial model that accompanies it. At Maildistiller we wanted to make this easier and give our partners a better way to buy so that they can fully exploit the huge opportunities the cloud poses.”

Maildistiller’s utility billing model is unquestionably going to give the email security market a timely shake up and will force other vendors into playing catch-up, as more and more partners begin demanding this level of flexibility. Until that time, as the only vendor currently offering the channel utility billing, whereby MSPs only pay for what they use on a per monthly basis – Maildistiller are unsurprisingly quickly becoming the vendor of choice for many and the go-to option for exWebroot partners in need of a stable home.

Maildistiller’s ongoing commitment to the channel and in alleviating any barriers preventing a transition to the cloud is certainly an admirable one that all of the Maildistiller team are extremely proud to be a part of.

For me as the marketing executive for this innovative and slightly maverick email security company, this is a very exciting time. Maildistiller has always been a technology focused vendor, which to their merit has resulted in an impressive suite of solutions and a partner program that actually ‘gets’ what channel partners need. I’ve no doubt that the interjection of a true utility billing model which allows partners to scale up and down on a monthly basis and only charges for actual usage will cause a welcomed stir in the market. Now, it’s time to get shouting and make sure Maildistiller’s well and truly in the email security spotlight going forward!

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