KEMP enhances application deliver management with KEMP360

KEMP Technologies has previewed its new KEMP360 to help enterprise IT organisations simplify and streamline their application delivery management. The company has also launched an early access program.

The KEMP360 framework solves common technology challenges by giving IT staff visibility and control of application delivery, along with centralised management and monitoring across KEMP’s complete portfolio of ADC technologies. This also helps application owners to meet key business objectives such as operational cost reduction, SLA delivery and optimised quality of experience (QoE) to end users. By enabling proactive and early detection, diagnosis and resolution of issues, organisations can refocus their resources on other areas, while optimising application availability and performance.

With support for application services running in traditional datacentre deployments or in public clouds such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and VMware, KEMP360 simplifies the monitoring, management, measurement and optimisation of application delivery across the enterprise, while also supporting customers migrating to virtualised and cloud environments. This is achieved through a single pane view of key metrics related to capacity utilisation, uptime and performance.

The Central™ component of KEMP360 simplifies day-to-day application delivery management with comprehensive ADC and service management, log collection and administration. At the same time, KEMP360 Vision™, reduces the impact of application delivery performance issues with proactive monitoring, alerting and automated workflow triggering for remediation.

“Our closed beta program for KEMP360, which ran through Q3 ’15, helped us to learn a lot about our customers and identify interesting trends,” said Jason Dover, Director of Product Line Management, KEMP Technologies. “Overwhelmingly, we found our enterprise and Service Provider customers hyper-focused on improving responsiveness and agility within their IT organisations – a key enabler being cloud adoption for new and existing app deployments. KEMP is committed to enabling customers to accomplish these goals and the KEMP360 management framework will be integrated as a key part of this strategy during 2016.”

For more information about KEMP360 and to register for the early access program, visit .

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