HyperGrid wins Cloud Management Product of the Year at 2017 SVC Awards

HyperGrid, Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service leader, is thrilled to announce that it has won the Cloud Management Product of the Year prize at this year’s SVC Awards. This success represents a powerful endorsement of the HyperCloud platform, which aims to revolutionise the way businesses approach the cloud.

The award was given in recognition of the innovative nature of HyperCloud, and how it is making public cloud on-premises a reality for an ever-growing range of businesses. With demand for the benefits of both public and private cloud remaining high, HyperCloud is able to provide the advantages of both worlds in a way that goes beyond traditional hybrid models, without compromising on cost-effectiveness or convenience.

Winners in each individual category were decided by a vote, in which a range of industry experts and professionals took part. The awards ceremony took place at the Hilton London Paddington Hotel.

Doug Rich, VP of EMEA at HyperGrid, said: “Winning this accolade represents an outstanding achievement for HyperGrid, and the entire team should be commended for their efforts over the past 12 months. We have undergone significant evolution as a company in the last year, with the HyperCloud solution central to this growth. We’re delighted to see that our work has been recognised by our peers in the industry.

“Integral to what we do at HyperGrid is bringing the benefits of enterprise cloud-as-a-service to businesses of all sizes, enabling them to gain the flexibility and scalability of cloud, but without vendor lock-in or the need for upfront capex costs that so often hinder cloud adoption. Winning this award at this year’s ceremony is testament to the position that HyperCloud has produced for itself in the market, as well as the potential for public cloud on-premises to truly shake up the way businesses approach cloud in the coming months.”

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