Egnyte Launches Industry’s First ‘Smart’ Reporting & Auditing File Service

Leveraging Big Data to Reduce Cost, Reduce Risk, and Increase Visibility

Egnyte, the market leader in Adaptive Enterprise File Services, today announced the launch of its all-new Smart Reporting and Auditing service. This new service allows organisations to leverage comprehensive dashboards of system-wide analytics around content (creation, editing, viewing, sharing), users, devices, applications, and more to optimise their business’ internal and external data environments.   

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The Smart Reporting and Auditing service is the first of its kind and exclusive to Egnyte customers, leveraging the company’s hybrid technology to provide comprehensive visibility and control across an organisation’s entire content lifecycle. This includes file infrastructure, which can reside in the cloud, on premises, or a mixture of both, as well as user applications and devices (Watch video: Customers benefitting from Smart Reporting and Auditing)

“There is a tremendous opportunity for organisations to take advantage of all the detailed file analytics and insights we’ve collected within their infrastructure, applications, and devices,” said Isabelle Guis, chief strategy officer at Egnyte. “Our focus on delivering this data in an actionable format will create an unparalleled level of efficiency and security that no other company in our space has the ability to do. It’s critical for businesses to have tools like Smart Reporting and Auditing when collaborating internally and externally, not only to optimise file infrastructure and protect against potential threats, but also to gain a competitive advantage.”

The actionable intelligence created by Egnyte’s Smart Reporting and Auditing service will:

Reduce Cost – Organisations will save money by making informed, data-driven choices about their infrastructure locally and globally — reducing bandwidth consumption, minimizing support issues, and increasing productivity.

Reduce Risk – IT leaders are provided access to unique insights about user, file, and device activity that can be harmful to their organisation. The Smart Reporting and Auditing service helps maintain security and compliance with preventative alerts that notify IT about suspicious activities, internally and externally.

Increase Visibility – IT and business users will be empowered to make smart decisions at every level with relevant, viable information that is delivered right to their Egnyte interface. IT will have more visibility into the security and efficiency of their entire corporate infrastructure and users will also gain insight into their usage patterns as well as internal and external collaborative efforts.

“With content being at the core of just about every business process today, users are accessing files across multiple devices, anywhere, any time,” said Terri McClure, Sr. analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “While this data is extremely valuable, it is entirely too costly and time intensive to try and export data to spreadsheets and analyse it manually, as there is simply too much data. In order for organisations to solve this big data analytics problem, the availability of solutions like Egnyte’s Smart Reporting and Auditing service, which provides unique insight into how and where content is access and used, as well as by whom, will be increasingly important.”

[quote_box_center]Egnyte customers enjoy the Smart Reporting and Auditing service for its positive impact on their businesses:

“As the largest general contractor in Silicon Valley, we collaborate with a wide variety of sub-contractors on jobs that require real-time access to very large files — confidential design plans and blueprints,” said Joe Tan, director of IT at Devcon Construction. “Egnyte’s Smart Reporting and Auditing service gives us complete visibility into how the files are being shared and accessed, so we can effectively manage desktop vs. tablet device workflows out in the field. Since we often cooperate with our competitors, it also allows us to constantly monitor where those files are created, stored and distributed, so when a project is complete we can immediately remove access to our clients’ information.”

“Egnyte is making the experience for administrators a little bit easier,” said Patrick Aitken, director of sales and business enablement at Marin Software. “The Smart Reporting and Auditing service is a game changer from an admin point of view. You’re able to look and see file analytics, as well as user statistics, internally and externally. I can easily login and check out regions and activity on links to monitor the effectiveness of content our teams have shared and understand which files are being accessed and by whom.”[/quote_box_center]

Egnyte’s Smart Reporting and Auditing service is available immediately for all new and existing customers. For more information on Smart Reporting and Auditing please visit

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