eBook: Dissecting the Differences Between DocuSign and SigningHub e-Signatures

Ascertia has released a new eBook comparing the e-signatures produced by SigningHub and DocuSign. The study involved using each solution to upload and sign the same document before the results were compared side-by-side using the independent Adobe® Reader® for signature verification.

This analysis included comparison of the document’s format, e-signature appearance, strength of the digital signature and long-term verifiability. Key evaluations included:

  • Document Format: Was the document converted to a secure format before signing?
  • E-Signature Appearance: What options are available for the user making their e-signature mark on the document?
  • Digital Signature Strength: How is the document locked after signing so that no further changes can be made, how is the user’s identity linked to the document and what level of non-repudiation is achieved through the signed document?
  • Long-term Verifiability: Can the user’s signature be verified in the long-term?

Delivered as a public or private cloud service, or as an on-premise solution, SigningHub is designed to optimise how businesses deliver, review, approve and sign documentation.

For those interested in reading the full eBook, the document is available here.


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