Cobweb Solutions debuts new way of selling cloud services

Cobweb, newest Microsoft ‘cloud distributor’, debuts new way of selling cloud services: the ‘Cloud reseller in a box’ and “CSP Enablement” with the Cobweb ecosystem

Cobweb Solutions, one of the largest independent cloud hosting providers in Europe, today reinforced its status as a Microsoft ‘cloud distributor’ with a new way for partners to sell services from a range of cloud vendors. Cobweb’s new concept of the cloud reseller in a box, now available to partners, packages industry-leading services from a range of vendors including Microsoft, in an easily consumable and resalable bundle for resellers; whilst CSP Enablement provides a simple solution for end-to-end customer lifecycle management.

These programmes work with the ‘Cobweb’, an ecosystem of integrated services resellers can integrate into their portfolio, including billing-as-a-service and bundled services. It’s a true cloud ecosystem, a one stop cloud market place where resellers can consume and resell services as utilities.

This marks Cobweb building upon its enhanced participation in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program as a (indirect) 2-Tier provider. This extension allows Cobweb to sell services through the program to resellers. This expands cloud sales opportunities for partners by enabling them to provide direct billing, sell combined offers and services, as well as directly provision, manage and support Microsoft cloud services. Cobweb provides a sophisticated ecosystem that allows partners to deliver the benefits of their own expertise within a toolset that unleashes the power of the cloud. 

Cobweb swiftly enable channel partners to start selling cloud services with simple integration into their portfolio. The set-up in terms of choices and costs have been simplified and defined. The cloud reseller in a box ability combined with Cobweb’s billing service has simplified the process of administrating delivery and customer services so that customers and resellers have a straightforward billing relationship built around Direct Debit. Through this offering reseller partners are enabled with a faster Go-To-Market, can sell services quickly and make more money on services sold.

At the core of the cobweb is the Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure and the rest of the Microsoft cloud solution provider services, plus a rich portfolio of additional vendor cloud services and the Cobweb London cloud for business applications requiring UK data residency. 


Ash Patel, Director of Business Transformation at Cobweb said “Cobweb’s cobweb platform of packaged services offers a rocket pack for resellers looking to soar in the cloud. We’re answering the question, ‘when is a cloud distributor not a cloud distributor? When it’s a Cobweb’. Cobweb’s integration capability provides partners with sector specific solutions, allowing companies, big and small, to seize new opportunities with cloud power. Additionally we’re able to give partners a Go to Market as a service that other businesses would struggle to achieve on their own.” 

Julian Dyer, Chief Technical Officer at Cobweb explained, “Partners will be able to execute, operate, manage and build at scale and integrate new services into their portfolio, whether or not they are already Microsoft partners.” 


For 19 years Cobweb has been at the forefront of business transformation. As one of Microsoft’s leading UK cloud partners, we are the holders of 7 Gold Partner Competencies and were Finalists for Microsoft Partner of the Year in 2015. As the IT market consumes more cloud, Cobweb helps channel partners and IT professionals make transition to become cloud solutions providers.

If you would like to know more, Cobweb is offering visitors to Microsoft’s largest UK Partner event, Future Decoded, an insight into how it helps businesses of all sizes transform their IT infrastructure and harness the power of cloud computing. Visit this 10th & 11th November.

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