Avangate’s Fall ‘15 Release Helps Companies Increase Subscription Revenues

And Accept More Global Payments For Frictionless Online Selling

Avangate, the modern Digital Commerce solution provider trusted by thousands of Software, SaaS and Online Services companies to grow their business worldwide, today announced over 150 enhancements to its Avangate Digital Commerce platform. These new features are aimed at simplifying customer acquisition, increasing revenue uplift and conversions, and driving recurring revenue worldwide.

“We are increasingly moving beyond the single purchase to literally hundreds of revenue moments, whether accepting a trial, first usage bill, or for a call to the service center,” said Michael Ni, CMO and SVP of Products at Avangate. “For the rapidly growing digital goods, software and services vendors, an estimated 10-20 percent of potential revenue is leaked across these revenue moments creating a major ROI problem. This Fall release is focused on helping customers convert revenue leakage to revenue uplift.”

Avangate’s Digital Commerce platform enables businesses to sell directly to customers via online channels, where traditional sales tactics are too expensive and slow. These new enhancements complement the company’s proven fast and secure commerce platform used by over 4,000 software, SaaS and online services companies across the globe.

“Avangate has enabled us to take some major leaps forward regarding business optimization, integration with third-party applications, new online sales channels and improving commerce KPIs.  We’ve seen a revenue uplift of more than 30 percent and we have more projects lined up that will support our growth further and improve customer experience through frictionless selling,” said Angel Brown, Director, Product Marketing, FineReader LOB, ABBYY NAHQ.

This release enables Software, SaaS, and Online Services providers to:

  • Simplify assisted sales – direct and resellers

New optimized shopping cart and MyAccount reduces the steps to complete a self-service purchase and account management. At the same time, this release also enhances assisted selling and order automation, from reseller advanced packaging and promotion, through to extended PO payment flows with pre-filled documents and billing options.

  • Retain more subscription revenue

Avangate expands its leading Revenue Recovery Tools (RRT) with European Account Updaters and global retry logic to increase the percentage of payment authorizations, as well as additional marketing tools and communications to recover hard declines to drive overall Conversion and Marketing Campaign Effectiveness.

  • Accept even more global payments

This release continues Avangate’s leadership as a global payments solution managing international regulatory compliance, financial reconciliation, and global shopper support for its customers by adding features like simplified tax exemption management, plus Israeli and Turkish tax management. Additional features also enable vendors to maximize conversion by leveraging dynamic 3D Secure, direct debit in Europe, and Brazilian installment payments.

  • Segment and optimize sales via the leading digital goods affiliate network

We’ve extended our Affiliate Network, voted #4 CPS Network in the Online Advertising Bluebook, to provide even greater distribution capabilities. New features include dedicated product landing pages and better segment affiliate categories and communication.

  • Embed subscription commerce into your customer experience

Comprehensive commerce-level APIs covering order and subscription management means a more seamless commerce experience for shoppers. With this release, we have expanded REST, JSON-RPC and SOAP protocols, optimized use of multiple payment tools including PayPal Express and installment payments, as well as added developer tools, including extended log monitoring and sample code / developer portal.

Free Revenue Leakage Assessment

To help companies optimize their commerce operations and maximize the value of every customer, Avangate is also announcing a free revenue leakage assessment service to help software, SaaS and online services companies identify, assess and recover potentially lost revenue across the Digital Commerce Lifecycle. To learn more, visit avangate.com/uplift.

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