Steve Sharp

Steve Sharp is the CEO of Searchlight, a business transformation consultancy who help businesses align business digital and IT strategies, and then help their clients deliver the required operational improvement and build the required internal talent to deliver the desired outcomes. They do so by:
  • clarifying the part that business technology has to play in enabling the strategic vision
  • helping clients select and contract for the introduction of technology platforms – often adopting a cloud first strategy associated with enterprise solutions, eCommerce and integration platforms
  • designing road maps that help clients untangle complex legacy work methods and establish ‘stepping stones’ to evolve the customer experience
  • helping clients to drive operational efficiency by focusing on the customer and establishing business efficient and compliant business processes
Searchlight Services and Capabilities Searchlight combine blue chip consultancy experience and capabilities with a personal and approachable independence, offering a range of services to senior executives – specifically:
  • Strategy alignment and operating model design
  • Omni-channel integration and strategic planning
  • Platform selection and contracting
  • Transition state planning for requirements and technical transformation
  • API design and delivery
  • Digital transformation delivery including the introduction of capabilities such as EPOS, digital, eCommerce, CRM, B&M, supply chain and loyalty management capabilities

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