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The cloud computing market is now so broad that businesses can be forgiven for not knowing where to start. Far from simply offering additional storage, managed service providers (MSPs), now supply a range of IT solutions for a broad spectrum of industries with varying levels of support.

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At M7 Managed Services, we realise that choosing the right cloud vendor, and the right cloud solution, is absolutely vital, so we work with our customers to deliver a bespoke service that is tailored to their business needs. As part of our MSP offering we provide a number of secure, highly available, cloud hosting services, all delivered on an IBM and CISCO Platform across 2 UK data centres.

Using the IBM SoftLayer Cloud, we also enable businesses to deploy applications quickly and reliably in both virtual and bare-metal environments. Many companies don’t have the time, staff or IT resources to test, deploy and integrate new technologies. With M7 as their MSP, businesses can outsource the complexities of this deployment, instead receiving an IT platform that can support the software that they need to be successful.

It is also worth considering moving your IT solutions to the cloud because of the additional reliability that it provides. Hosting critical applications with an external MSP allows businesses to access vital workplace tools whenever and wherever they need to. In the always-on economy of today, this is a key requirement. Our many accreditations, certifications, references and SLAs also provide the re-assurance that we are able to deliver resilient IT solutions that meet the uptime and availability standards that you need.

As well as technical solutions, M7 are often chosen by businesses for the level of support that we provide. We champion long-term partnerships, as part of a consultative, on-going approach that ensures our customers’ requirements and expectations are understood at all times. Our 24/7 help desk is also there to remedy potential issues as soon as possible.

Disaster Recovery

If problems arise, it is important for businesses to have a robust disaster recovery plan in place. Having a cloud-based secondary infrastructure is the perfect way to get your business moving quickly again when disaster strikes.

Cloud DR, often referred to as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), means that businesses require less data centre space and on premise resources. This can result in significant cost savings compared with in-house disaster recovery options, enabling smaller businesses to access the same highly resilient and hugely cost effective DR solutions enjoyed by their competitors.

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At M7 Managed Services, our second site provides businesses with a disaster recovery solution that is ready to go live immediately following any disruption in their primary IT infrastructure. It also provides a great ad-hoc test environment for customers who wish to trial new IT solutions, but are concerned about how they may affect their existing IT set up. This enables businesses to introduce new, innovative technology, while minimising downtime and ensuring business continuity.

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