Touch-Button Home Security to Make You Feel Like a Rock Star

Everyone knows that driveway gates can greatly improve home security. But beyond choosing between wooden and iron gates, did you know that you also have a choice of access control?

There’s nothing quite like rolling up to your drive and at the touch of a button watching your gates swing open to welcome you. It can make you feel like a rock star in your own home.

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Let’s take a look at a few of the high-tech options available.

1. Smartphone/Tablet

With an estimated 76 percent of adults in the UK owning a smartphone, it’s easy to see why this one is top of our list. There are innovative apps that allow you to open and close your gates with just one swipe of your smartphone. No need to carry a transmitter! If you are anything like us and you normally have your phone on you at all times anyway, then this option is for you.

2. GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) Intercom

This allows you to use your mobile phone to open your gate from wherever you are in the world!

When a visitor drives up to your gates, they press a button and your GSM intercom will ring your mobile or home phone and allow you to speak to them. You can then let them in with a push of a button. If you are away on holiday there’s no roaming charges as it doesn’t work on 3G, just GSM signal. It’s completely wireless.

This device also comes with a keypad so you can let yourself in by simply entering your pass code.

3. Handheld Transmitter

The cheapest option for controlling your electric gates is a handheld transmitter. Buy one for each member of your family and they can come and go as they please with the press of a button.

By choosing a transmitter with a long range you can open your gate from the road before you drive up to your gate, meaning you no longer have to stop on the road until it opens.

But don’t forget to buy a spare in case you misplace it!

4. Wireless Keypad

The simplest choice is a wireless keypad positioned in the entrance to your property.

You can choose a code and hand it out to those who you want to have access to your property. If you fall out with a relative, then you just need to change the code & redistribute. Simple!

This isn’t the best option if your gate is on the roadside, as you can’t set the gates to open before driving up to them or the key pad.

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There are many different options and variations of those that we have discussed in this post. For more information, you should find a local installer and they can talk you through the best options for you.

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