Top IoT Devices That Will Become More Useful In 2019

The days of convenience and easement of work are upon us. There are so many things that we have to take care and make it through at the end of the day. At times, it becomes very necessary to find something that will surely take care of such daily chores in the ideal way possible. Humans are innovating every phase of life using technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) is one of them. From industry to household, most of the devices used to make things work every day can now be controlled using the power of internet and innovations.

As per a report from Gartner, over 6.4 billion IoT devices were used and the number will triple itself within a span of few years. It means that the number of devices used will reach 20.8 billion by the end of 2020. This prediction was done at least 5 years ago. The recent trends and numbers suggest that the invention of more gadgets will escalate the use of IoT devices up to 50 billion. The overwhelming number of devices used for convenience is remarkable. It is a blessing for the daily life of the busy people out there as the devices can be used perfectly to manage everyday work and chores properly.

Leading manufacturers following this trend

The biggest players in the digital world such as Amazon, Google, Apple, etc have already initiated finding new ways to make life better by introducing new IoT devices. The majority of the entrepreneurs are also relentlessly looking for smarter options to come up with elegant devices connected via IoT and ready to work as per the command of the users. From doorbells to security cameras, water sprinklers to floor cleaners, any device can now be connected in a single system using this elegant innovation.

The IoT predictions for 2019 suggest the following things that will surely amaze you in different ways.

  • Edge computing

The inclusion of data processing power via machine learning and AI platforms will enhance the elegance of the devices used every day. The data transfer requirement will reduce considerably as the devices will depend less on cloud computing. Edge computing is a part where a decision has to be made immediately based on complex data analysis.

  • Big player domination

As mentioned earlier, the big players have already started dominating this industry and will continue to do so. The emergence of smarter devices such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and other IoT linked devices will be witnessed more.

  • Automotive models for business

Data science will become the lifeline of every industry. The automation will become more aggressive and every vehicle in the industry will need to gather more data for seamless service. This is why the devices that will be made in the future will become more data-centric. This particular trend will also pave the way for 5G connectivity and services.

Smart IoT devices emerging in 2019

Below is the list of Most Popular IoT Devices in 2019 we will see more in the market.

  • Smart lighting system

The households will find smart lighting system a better solution to use and save more energy. Other than illuminating the entire interior with the smart lights, the IoT controlled system will deliver immense flexibility to the user to control the lighting in a room as per the requirement without compromising. Depending on the mood, a specific environment can be created using the lighting system.

  • Smart IoT medical devices

The medical devices will now be using the IoT platform so that they can be monitored all the time to check the status of a patient. It will revolutionize the healthcare industry especially for those patients who need constant supervision of the healthcare professionals. In this aspect, the medical platform will become more efficient. The lack of medical professionals can be solved by tackling the rising demand for healthcare necessities of the population using such devices. In fact, the AI platforms will also ensure that the queries and other simpler actions can be done automatically in order to free the professionals on the floor for more important services.

The IoT medical devices will also become a smart companion for the patients. They will help to find more information about a prescribed medicine. The device can monitor the vitals of a patient and can also notify to take a pill or procure the stock. From medications to vaccinations, electronic health records to insurance information, IoT devices will be used for various purposes.

  • Smart kitchen appliances

Think of an intelligent oven that can provide you with the proper insights regarding what you are cooking. It means that the IoT cooking appliance will use a camera and will find out the specific necessities to provide you with better knowledge. With the advent of smarter kitchen appliances, you can easily keep a tap on the progress and never let your preparations get overdone. These IoT devices examples can be connected to your smart phone and you can enjoy doing other work while the appliances track the progress.

  • Smart home appliances

As mentioned earlier, the daily chores such as cleaning the floor, watering the garden, etc can now be done using the IoT devices. From locking the doors, cars, and other assets to clean the floor, the devices can be easily connected and controlled by smart phone. In fact, the security system, smoke alarms, pet cams, etc can utilize the IoT frame for operating.

The electronic devices such as televisions, sound system, lighting, etc can be connected to get a better service. The interconnected devices will coordinate accordingly to give you the ideal experience. In fact, you can also increase the security of the IoT device by using a smart firewall. These IoT Devices That Could Change Our Lives will dominate the market in the upcoming years.


These IoT trends for 2019 and beyond can be easily introduced to your home and offices by hiring the ideal IoT service providing agency. Once these most popular IoT devices are incorporated, your life will become extremely convenient.

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