Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends To Be Watched Out In Current Era

The world moves in the decade where the mobile app plays a vital role and dominates in changing the lifestyle. It is also proven that mobile app development is the industry that is at its fast growth. Also, there are no signs for a downfall in the graph in the future as well. The technology is bringing up some new inventions and that comforts the life of people in the best way. It also helps the business people to emerge out for success in the most efficient manner. Continue reading to know some of the top trends available in the market of mobile app development.

1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Intelligence is the one that is efficient enough to perform the tasks of the human. This is the evolving technology and foremost advancement that is in the growing stage in the industries. It is also expected that there will be a drastic change in the society when this technology comes into action in all the industries.

2. Internet of Things

Today, IoT is developed enough to implement them in forms of some wearable technology. You might have heard some terms like a smart bulb, smart thermostat, and several others. Now, several mobile app development companies are working to adopt this type of technology for mobile app development as well. Research has also said that around 5 billion people will be under the technology of IoT at the end of the next half a decade.

3. Cloud-based technology

For example, you will be using your email and where are all the emails stored? Do your mobile devise consume space for the storage of the mails? No! It takes the medium of cloud and all the emails are stored in the cloud. Why shouldn’t this be followed for the other mobile apps as well? Yes! There is research been carried out the steps are going to be implemented. This will blow-off the hassle of storage issue in mobile devices, make the app faster, secure and easy to deploy.

4. M-Commerce

You might have come across the online shopping and the interest of people to show importance to it. They love to purchase things, make money transactions, reach the customer center, video calls, images, etc as the communication to the online store. This will be possible and made easy with the development of the M-Commerce sites.

5. Beacons

Beacons have lost its name as the stranger to the market as it becomes popular. Several industries like medical care, hotels, museums, etc are highly welcoming the Beacon technology as their application. Lots of business people also believe that this technology is more safe and understandable. Till the current year, it does not have a good establishment in the industry but in the future, it is expected to make some revolution in the mobile app development industry.

6. Wearable apps

People show interest in moving towards certain trendy technologies and witness in some innovative ideas. As per certain survey was given, it is expected that the wearable technology will grow up to 35% in the current year. This will also help in enhancing your personality, appearance, and style. Especially, in certain application like morning exercise, workouts, cycling, walking, etc. This wearable will be highly useful.

7. Blockchain technology

You might have been aware of the blockchain technology and the drastic change brought out by this in the cryptocurrencies. Now, it is the fact that the financial sector is reeling massive benefits for such innovative decentralized currencies. They also aim to make the transaction with more efficiency without the involvement of some third party. It is also proven that the technology is the worthy asset for the financial and the banking sector. So this has a good sign in the mobile app development industry currently.

Final thoughts

Mobile apps, being an indispensable part of human life and it has become impossible for imagining the world without mobile phones and mobile apps. These take significance in all the areas like booking tickets, food orders, and make the entire world into the palm. Further, the evolution of these technologies will enhance the living of people with more comfort.

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