If your small to medium sized business is still using an outdated communications system that takes up an entire telecom room, it’s time to upgrade.  While this was once the only way to do business, the age of the internet has changed everything.  Now there’s a much better and more affordable way to handle your business communications needs: VoIP.

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, and in layman’s terms that means your communications will be done through the internet. IP communications are an easy and inexpensive upgrade to make. While you may be reluctant to throw out tens of thousands of dollars of communications equipment you just paid off, the switch is totally worthwhile. Making this change will eliminate the need for support and maintenance costs. That alone makes the switch a good business decision. Learn more about IP communications and how making the switch can save your business money from this infographic!


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CIF Presents TWF – Professor Sue Black


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