Bang and Olufsen is a high-end luxury brand within the consumer electronics space. We often say there’s an element of quality to our products. When a customer enters one of our Bang and Olufsen stores, they expect an exceptional customer experience to match the quality of our devices.

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This is why it is vital for us to replicate this level of service on our eCommerce site. Three years ago, we opened our online store and we did just that. At the forefront of our mandate to upholding a high level of customer satisfaction we knew what he had to do. Facilitating a smooth transaction, implementing quick and easy checkouts, ensuring there were zero downtimes and quick load times was essential to the plan.

Our site is rich in content, with videos and high-resolution imagery that aesthetically showcases and demonstrates the quality of our products. This enables our customers to view and experience the devices online in a truly comparable way to how they would in person in our stores.

Ensuring we have the best technology infrastructure underpinning the business is crucial. This can take form in many shapes and sizes. One of the most important factors rests on the decisions we make in regards to which technology we choose to keep in-house and the elements we outsource to companies that have a core capability in any given area.

It’s a business decision. When you compare the cost and investment required to run certain operations in-house, it might make more sense to choose to outsource. Finding the right outsourcing company – one that you can trust and rely on is critically important. While many companies deliver on all the technical aspects, which are no doubt very important, few deliver to the same capacity in their customer services.

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Proactivity is the key differentiator when setting apart a good cloud outsourcing company from a great one. When our partner identified our priorities and needs are before we had even identified them, we knew we had found a great cloud outsourcing company. We have a dedicated support team available whenever we need, they engage in monthly discussions and participate in behind-the-scenes meetings, where we get to see new developments and roadmaps.

We have used the hosting capabilities of Cogeco Peer 1 for six years now and the power, performance and resilience that is provided is essential in supporting mission critical elements of our business. For instance, Cogeco Peer 1 hosts a VMware cluster which is fully redundant and delivers 100 percent uptime. We have a hosted production, testing and disaster recovery set up.

Meeting all business requirements is crucial but so is a commitment to the values of the brand. We know we have the technical capability in place you then have a solid platform from which to expand hosted services as appropriate.

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