NetApp builds on its cloud leadership in global markets

NetApp Insight™ Barcelona 2018 showcases solutions that help customers fuel business growth and drive innovation across hybrid cloud and multicloud environments by:

  • Delivering data-rich customer experiences through new applications
  • Optimizing data sources throughout the entire infrastructure
  • Enabling companies to innovate across clouds without fear of data loss

BARCELONA – December 3, 2018 – NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP), the data authority for hybrid cloud, today announced new data services and solutions that empower customers to innovate in the cloud. These new offerings include the expanded availability of the Microsoft Azure NetApp® Files preview, expanded availability of NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform and NetApp SaaS Backup for Salesforce. As the leader in hybrid cloud data services, NetApp enables users to bring their data to the doorstep of industry-leading public cloud services and respond faster to market changes and to customer demands.

The bulk of businesses around the world now rely on data as a strategic advantage. Therefore, it is essential to leverage the cloud to make better decisions, to improve customer experiences, and to develop new revenue streams. Navigating the cloud, however, requires organizations to integrate, to protect, and to optimize data in a post–General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) world. This challenge requires the hybrid and multicloud expertise that only NetApp, with its Data Fabric strategy, can provide.

“Organizations are shifting steadily toward cloud-first strategies. For organizations undertaking digital transformation at the business level, cloud isn’t just about picking among a specific set of products or service delivery models such a public, private, or hybrid cloud,” said Stewart Bond, director of Data Integration and Integrity research at IDC. “NetApp is leveraging a combination of technology, partnership, business model, and vision to position itself at the forefront of delivering integrated and consistent data services for the hybrid cloud.”

“Building on the many products that we launched at NetApp Insight Las Vegas in October, this year’s European event is a key example of the continent’s dynamic and diverse approach to data-driven transformation,” said Alex Wallner, NetApp senior vice president and general manager EMEA. “Just as GDPR now acts as a blueprint for data regulation around the world, our data-conscious customers are flexing to implement best practices by safeguarding, enriching, and optimizing their data. We are proud to meet this challenge with the expansion of NetApp cloud offerings.”

Inspire Innovation with the Cloud

Azure NetApp Files is an Azure file-service powered by NetApp’s ONTAP® technology and will be sold and supported by Microsoft.  Azure NetApp Files delivers enterprise-grade storage and data management capabilities for moving and deploying file-based workloads in Azure.

This offering is currently in preview in certain regions and will soon expand service capabilities to include additional Azure regions across Amsterdam, Dublin and U.S. South Central, and continue to add capabilities in the coming months.  

NetApp has also announced the expansion of its Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform with the addition of the EU-West3 region. This expansion will help companies to:

  • Make data-driven decisions faster by moving analytics to the cloud.
  • Safeguard databases in high-performance file services in the cloud to allow high-speed testing and iteration across applications and workloads, with the ability to quickly revert back to the original database if anything goes wrong.
  • Speed time to value by automating development and testing environments with the ability to clone hundreds of environments in minutes.

Safeguard Data in the Cloud

The general availability of NetApp SaaS Backup for Salesforce is a complementary addition to the NetApp global cloud portfolio to:

  • Empower customers with control of sensitive data through simplified, automated backup and granular on-demand restore.  
  • Protect Salesforce data from accidental deletion, corruption, or malicious intent.
  • Help data-driven businesses meet regulatory data compliance.

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