Top 10 Cloud Based Recruitment Management Platforms For Your IT Consultancy Business

With the development of technology came easier ways for Management to find, manage and hire people. This is a great thing, especially considering the size of the candidate markets for some of the top paid and wanted positions.

Such is the IT industry which encompasses a wide array to jobs and tasks. It thus becomes understandable why an IT Consultancy would want to automate the process and make it easier for them to handle.

However, finding a reliable and effective software is a whole different problem that these companies have to deal with.

Luckily, there are plenty of choices and some of them notably stand out with the quality, their features and prices.

Here they are:

Zoho Recruit

This is an online applicant tracking system and recruitment software which can seriously simplify your process. It allows you to track resumes, interviews, and source better talent. Zoho offers 24/7 customer support, requires no contract or set up costs and you can pay as you go.


Smartrecruiters is used by some of the best organisations in the IT industry as a hiring tool. It has rich features such as collaborative hiring, recruitment marketing, and so on. It’s built on a modern cloud platform and it’s used by companies like Visa, Sketchers etc. You don’t even have to worry about Candidate experience as it will stay amazing throughout the process

Newton ATS

This is an intuitive system built by professionals who have had experience with recruitment software. It works seamlessly and according to your vision. You can recruit and engage with candidates, work with your team on recruitment or send offer letters – it covers everything. It’s also the only fully mobile recruitment system on the market so if this is something g you are looking for, this software is for you.

Breezy HR

This is a modern system with effortless design and a ton of useful feature for any recruiter. It can automate a of your manual tams and still ensure candidate satisfaction. It’s efficient and helpful.


This is a collaborative recruitment software which promoted talent engagement by automating tedious tasks and clean, easy-to-operate interface. It also has a built-in CRM functionality and it can help you build strong relationships with candidates.

Career Arc

Career Arc combines social media management with job distribution and recruitment organisation. It’s easy to work with and it automates all of the time-consuming tasks, giving you more time for human contact and testing of the candidates while providing them with a seamless hiring process.

Bamboo HR

BambooHR has a set of talent tracking and on boarding tools that can release you of the boring details and let you spend time getting to know the candidates. It has a simple design and a wide array of features which allow you to cooperate and provide a good candidate journey.

Job Jet

This is a big data platform which involves finding, contacting and rating candidates based on their competences. It provides for an effortless experience and spans all of the necessary work flows in order to create a coherent platform for recruiters. It has a built-in messaging management system.


Is an all-in-one recruiting software that allows you to track, find, and hire candidates. It’s easy to use and implement into your company while speeding the hiring process up and meeting all of your hiring goals. Over 6000 companies are using it currently.

“We have used Workable for some time now and we truly appreciate what it did for us. The recruitment was seamless and easy on us without dampening the wealth of candidate experience. You can say it spared us a lot of time and effort while providing optimum results,“ says David Fulham, a recruiter from Academicbrits.

Clear company

This is a software system that provides for an effortless recruitment for both private and public organisations. It connects and combines multiple points of recruitment, allowing recruiters to automate many manual processes and candidates to have an optimal experience during the hiring journey. It’s a simple and powerful software that will seamlessly combine organisation, recruiting, evaluating and managing the candidates.

Bottom Line

While finding a good software isn’t easy – no matter what you’ll use it for – there are some pretty good options out there. When searching, Management need to try to focus on their needs and comparing them to the features of various software. Management should never settle because you’ll just end up with an expensive, unusable product. Look at some of this software if you don’t know where to begin.

Adelina Benson is an email marketer and a writer. She works on developing new and fresh email marketing strategies and best writing practices for email newsletters. In her free time, you’ll find her writing articles on subjects that hold her interest like IT, technology and finance.

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