IoT helping to empower the building industry and create the zero-energy home

Opportunities for the Internet of Things (IoT) are moving so fast and it’s an exciting space to be in right now. One company, HOUZE, is helping to integrate disruptive technologies into consumer and commercial real estate developments and buildings. Their vision is to create an affordable net-zero energy home using advanced building technologies and Kii has collaborated with them to help them realise this dream.

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IoT is a disruptive force that has the potential to revolutionise the housing and building industry by redefining quality of life. By using next-generation building systems, technologies and materials, the HOUZE zero-energy home aspires to meet the highest energy efficiency standards, while creating a safer, stronger structure and aiming to deliver a near-zero carbon footprint.

As an IoT platform provider, Kii will help HOUZE to create IoT solutions and services for the real estate development and building industries, for both new development and retrofit.  Combining clever energy management from HOUZE and Kii’s IoT platform solution, this will chnage the way homes are built and retrofitted with advanced energy-saving technologies.

HOUZE is establishing a network of ‘living labs’ across the globe illustrating the lifestyle benefits of IoT

HOUZE is also establishing a network of ‘living labs’ across the globe that will illustrate the lifestyle benefits of IoT in both residential and commercial buildings.  Kii will be the platform enabling smart automation and monitoring in these living labs, which will contain smart devices and solutions from a variety of device manufacturers that operate within the HOUZE IoT Ecosystem.

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Kii enables customers across the world to rapidly create compelling IoT solutions with its scalable, easy to use and feature rich IoT platform. The global platform enables all three layers of a typical IoT solution (things, services, apps), thereby significantly reducing the time it takes to create solutions, freeing up the customer to focus on their solution differentiation. Kii provides a flexible deployment model (public cloud, dedicated cloud, private cloud) globally, thereby enabling seamless solution deployment for customers of all sizes.

Anthony Fulgoni, Business Development EMEA, Kii
Anthony is responsible for business development at Kii and has 20+ years in the IT industry where he has worked in sales, training, software development and consultancy. He has held roles in business development and marketing, as well as building sales channels and developing productive partnerships throughout the EMEA region.  Anthony has previously worked for a number of hardware and software vendors, including Zebra Technologies, Motorola, Proxim Wireless and Dr Solomon Software.

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