Datashur Pro USB Flash Drive Product Review

iStorage, a prominent British design and manufacturing company of highly secure portable data storage and encryption products have arguably created one of the most secure data storing products on the market.

Introducing the datAshurPRO memory stick, robust, adaptable, and highly secure. Released in 2015, iStorage’s elementary motivation to create a product with such high levels of data protection was due to the Data Protection Act. The CEO of iStorage, John Michael outlines:

 ‘It is essential that all corporate and government organisations comply with data security regulation to avoid hefty fines, which can reach £500,000.’

Data breaches predominantly occur due to loss or theft. Therefore, iStorage have understood the demand to produce a highly secure data storage device for government and corporate organisations that regularly obtain and share sensitive information.

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The defining features of the product are predominantly security based. Firstly, the datAshurPro incorporates a military grade XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption. The data is also encrypted in real-time with a dedicated hardware encryption processor. In addition, the drive features a PIN activating system, which allows the user to create a unique, memorable seven-digit code to protect their data. This PIN system includes a very sophisticated user timeout lock system. This allows the drive to detect brute force hacking, which is a particularly important feature in the event of a theft. As the drive will shut down and lock out the hacker, thus protecting the company’s data. These features ultimately give organisations and businesses peace of mind as they can be sure their sensitive data is obtained in a completely secure domain.

Further, the datAshurPro has other important features referring to memory size, compatibility and tough physical design. Firstly, capacities of 8, 16, 32 and 64GB are available, allowing businesses and organisations to choose which size would most effectively suit their amount of sensitive data. The device also includes a drive reset feature. This component deletes the encryption key rendering all data as lost forever, the drive can then be reformatted and reused.  Notably, the drive also maintains OS compatibility and platform independence. Which allows the product to be compatible with a wide range of systems including: Windows, Mac, Linux, Thin Clients, Android, Chrome and Embedded Systems. The device’s operating system is protected by an extremely robust water and dust resistant outer shell. Allowing the product to remain immune from physical damage. This is vital as physical damage to memory devices is a common cause of data loss. Less durable memory devices on the market can be corrupted by a mere splash of coffee (I’m talking from experience).

A possible drawback of this device is that it is priced at the higher end of the portable storage market. The pricing of the product ranges at:

8GB- £69.00

16GB- £89.00

32Gb- £109.00

64GB- £129.00

However, secure data for a business is priceless. The prices listed above are drop in the ocean compared to the £500,000 fine which could be asserted if your company fails to comply with the data security regulations.

Arguably another possible drawback is evident during the set-up of the product. When creating a new PIN password for the device the user only has 10 seconds to type in their new password. Which must be 7-15 digits in length, must not contain only repetitive numbers and must not contain only consecutive numbers. If the user exceeds the time limit the device will shut off and return to the original start mode.

However, this feature does ensure that the user has selected a suitable secure password for their device. Otherwise, if the user was allowed to choose an easily breakable password, this would undermine and contradict the state-of-the-art security technology. My words of advise, be prepared to be slightly patient during the setting up phase.

In summary, this product would be ideal for corporate business’s or government organisations that require the transferring or storage of private data. The datAshurPRO would ensure your companies data is completely tamper-proof and secure, efficiently preventing the untimely event of loosing data.

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