Innovation & collaboration: Recent trends in cloud security

Data security providers have been developing various innovative solutions to enable security of customer data. Moreover, organisations have been collaborating with security providers to enhance their capabilities of data security along with efficient management.

As organisations have realised the importance of shifting their data on the cloud to enhance efficiency and avail other benefits, the next step involves the security of data. Data security providers have been developing various innovative solutions to enable security of customer data. Moreover, organisations have been collaborating with security providers to enhance their capabilities of data security along with efficient management. The market for cloud security is booming owing to major steps taken by organisations to ensure the security of data and innovative solutions offered by providers. According to the research firm Allied Market Research, the global cloud security market is expected to reach $8.9 billion by 2020. Following are some of the recent activities taking place in the industry highlighting the trends:

Innovation to offer new capabilities

Innovation has become a focal point for cloud security providers to protect the data of their customers. Tufin, the provider of Network Security Policy Orchestration solutions, has offered its latest cloud-native solution, Tufin Iris. It will offer visibility and control for the security policies for applications based on the cloud. The Tufin Iris will integrate with DevOps pipelines for enabling continuous compliance and maintenance of business agility. This solution will provide a rise in visibility into various risks for cloud-based applications of organisation deploying public cloud environments. Moreover, the solution will enable development teams to possess the tools that are important for validating compliance with security policy.

Riding on the wave of innovation, National Australia Bank has been employing enterprise security practices for coping up with cloud-first outlook. It has deployed a new tool to determine the security gap and fix it in nearly 45 seconds. The cloud security team of the bank has joined hands with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Professional Services for developing a continuous compliance solution. This will enable them to continuously and systematically track the security compliance position with the help of AWS. This will enable identification of the risk and gap, determine security control measures, and deliver the code as fast as possible. NAB is able to get the real-time view of the security compliance for the enterprise along with allowing development teams to offer the solution faster. The solution has enabled the access to security updates of the entire enterprise by just pushing a button. Moreover, it helped the bank to roll down the deployment time of enterprise security control from 19 days to 45 seconds. Security architect Ivan Sekulic outlined that the solution is an example of maturation of IT security capabilities of NAB.

Collaboration to enhance capabilities

Collaboration has been one of the major strategies adopted by firms to enable cloud security. Wipro decided to collaborate with the Check Point for availing cloud security services. The services of Check Point, known as CloudGuard IaaS, will help clients of Wipro with advanced fifth-generation threat prevention capabilities for enterprise edge applications and virtualised cloud deployments, according to Sheetal Mehta, the Senior VP and global cybersecurity and risk service head at Wipro. Check Point outlined that the partnership with Wipro will help in speeding up the demand for the range of security products that are based on threat protection and security cloud applications of enterprises. CloudGuard is able to protect nearly 2,000 cloud environments of enterprises. The partnership with Check Point would help in optimising investments in the cloud infrastructure. The automated and dynamic policy would help in leveraging contextual information regarding the infrastructure and adjust security policies for changing the cloud environment. Moreover, there are various capabilities such as rapid deployment and logs & reporting. These features will help in consolidating the security of cloud for enterprises.

Capitalising on the trend of collaboration, AWS avails support from for its cloud Cylance with CylancePROTECT. Cylance offers artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for detection and prevention of malware. It will provide support for AWS Linux for protection of applications on cloud services infrastructure from various cyber threats posed by bad actors. Moreover, its AI capabilities offer insights on threats along with threat elimination capacities. The company will deploy its AI-driven and prevention-first security solutions for cloud computing environments. It has machine learning techniques and provides scalable threat detection, root cause analysis, response, and threat hunting. Cylance will help AWS in the prevention of data breaches impacting the security of data of organisation on the cloud.

There is another collaboration taking place in which AlgoSec signed a collaboration agreement with Microsoft. This collaboration will enable interoperability between Microsoft Azure Firewall and the AlgoSec Security Management Suite for facilitating central security management. Customers of Azure Firewall will be able to manage different instances across various regions and Azure accounts. Anner Kushnir, VP Technology at AlgoSec, outlined that enterprises have been accelerating adoption of Microsoft Azure. As the adoption increases, they need an ability for management of all the security controls and devices for protecting their deployments. This collaboration will speed up the Azure deployments along with enabling the entire visibility and control for the security devices. Moreover, its capabilities will enable detection of security risks and misconfigurations along with extensive security policy management.       

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