9 tips for creating eyeball grabbing content that drives conversion

Most content begins with written words rather than visuals! So it doesn’t matter what kind of content you create, whether it is a beauty based content, health-related blogs, or any other content you wish to write; you can profit from understanding the secrets of professional writers.

One of the highest struggles content marketers face today is having to produce sufficient content and simultaneously maintaining the quality high. You have to forget the competitive writers and focus on your quality of content. That’s something professional writers must work through daily!

If you’re a content writer who is struggling to produce exciting and engaging content for your customers, here are 9 pro-tips that can help you to make your writing more effective:

Be interested in what you are writing

There’s one thing that guaranteed to get readers interested in your writing is; it’s being passionate about what you’re writing. One says that you can understand someone’s passion for a subject from their writing; it makes the writer and the reader equally interested in that subject. Thus making it more engaging and active, by injecting excitement and vitality into your words. It’s challenging to deliver passion for your least favourite subjects, and this will come across in your writing.

A great headline is a promise

Your headline makes your content better, and it is the first thing your readers notice about your landing page or blog post content. What makes a headline great is that it gets people interested enough to learn more. Whether or not the headline is excellent or not, this will decide if people proceed to read the content or bounce.

Here are some easy guidelines:

  • Highlight the benefit to your reader.
  • Ensure the headline is clear and to the point.
  • Make your headlines resonate with your reader’s view.

Connect readers with your intro

Your headline should draw the attention of readers, and your intro should intrigue them enough to make them stay on your page. Your headline will tell them what promise you can give them briefly. And your three or four-sentence intro will say to them what they can expect from your content.

It needs to be clear and to the point to clearly illustrate how readers can profit from the post. It should make them want to read more; otherwise, why should they keep reading?

‘Telling a story’ helps to bond with your audience

We all love good stories. Storytelling with your marketing or content strategy is the best way to draw the attention of the audience. Along with relatability, stories provoke a more personal and emotional experience.  Whether it’s happiness, frustration or anger, stories make people feel something.

What makes a good story:

  • Entertaining
  • Relatable
  • Unique
  • Memorable
  • Relevant

Give relevant and useful information

Before you begin working on any content, you should consider two questions. Is it relevant? Is it beneficial? Determining what your blog will give to your readers will help you with the idea of how to write useful content.

Educate them on something they don’t know about. Give them something to wonder about, an offer they can’t ignore, or some tips and tricks that will improve their business or their website. And always bear in mind that creating great content is a mixture of being passionate and grouping technical factors and also being productive in your way.

Don’t forget to add visuals

Adding visual elements to your text content tends to draw attention better. It is an excellent way of breaking up long pieces of content, resulting in your content easier to understand and examine. Adding visual media like screenshots, videos, infographics, charts and graphs keeps people on the page longer and is more likely to result in likes, shares, and comments.

Focus quality over quantity

High-quality content is the king of content marketing. Create content that should always be “valuable” to your audience. Just because the quality is essential, it doesn’t mean quantity has no value in the content; quantity matters too.

Quantity will bring you in the game. Quality will take you to the top.

Here are bonus tips to consider on your next successful content writing:

  • Use lists
  • Format wisely
  • Use keywords
  • Write for your audience
  • Use headers and subheaders

Set the tone

It’s time to set your brand’s voice.  Which you prefer – cute, humorous, serious or sarcastic? Set the tone based on your brand values and the audience you expect to get involved in.

Have a compelling Call to Action

CTA buttons help increase conversions by leading visitors on what to do next. It can be encouraging the audience to subscribe to your channel, navigating to a landing page or download your latest e-book.

Experts suggest having multiple CTAs on every single page. However, the two most successful and productive places to place a CTA is at the middle of the content, and bottom of a page.

These are some of the best practical ways to create high-converting content.  By following these tips, you can improve your content to boost conversions.

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