6 Reasons to Re-evaluate Your Email Security Service

By Samantha Stone, Vice President of Marketing for Mimecast North America

If you were to conduct an analysis of my personal email in-box you’d discover that I’m a balding man with performance problems who’s a particular fan of grunge rock and is getting my nursing degree on-line.

The only problem is I’m a high energy marketing professional, mother of four who admits a passion for 80’s rock and can’t get enough on-line cooking shows.

Sadly, my personal email in-box receives the same amount of spam as most corporate email addresses and IT professionals in business of all sizes are tasked with keeping up with a growing array of creative email attacks.

Luckily there are a number of quality cloud-based technology solutions that can not only mitigate risk to the organization, but eliminate resource drain on IT. Here are six questions you should consider to determine if a new email security provider might be right for you.

Have you suffered unplanned service outages from your email security provider?

Do you ever have to wait days or weeks for a response to a support inquiry? Are multiple requests required before you can talk to a live person?

Have viruses breached your provider’s defenses?

Are you being told to upgrade your service at additional cost to receive better protection capabilities?

Is spam still plaguing your email users?

Did you find hidden clauses presented to you as part of your provider’s Service Level Agreement that could present privacy concerns?

If you are ready to evaluate new email management solutions; I encourage you to check out Mimecast. With guaranteed SLAs, predictable pricing and a customer first approach to support, we offer a compelling approach to email security. But don’t take my word for it…listen to what our customers have to say http://www.mimecast.com/Customers/Testimonials/


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