5 Tips for Managing Projects In The Cloud

Less maintenance, easier training, lower costs and the ability to access anywhere makes cloud-based projects a no-brainer for teams that want to work quickly and collaboratively. But there’s more to it than just telling your team to use the software.

Check out the following tips to ensure that your projects are a success in the cloud.

1. Find a Project Management Solution That’s Easy To Use

One of the benefits of cloud-based projects is that everyone can chip in and participate. But if you find a solution that requires intense technical know-how, you should think about another solution. Find one that focuses on usability. That way no matter the skill level or technical savvy of your team, everyone can participate. You’ve got to find the solution that’s right for your team if you expect them to use it and adopt it.

Cloud-based projects really only launch well when everyone is contributing and updating tasks, adding files and commenting where needed. Teams can quickly see priorities, tasks and needs for the projects, while also getting a personalized to-do list for themselves for them to work on. All comments and files can be arranged by tasks or projects.  This keeps the reporting accurate and up-to-date. There is still a role for the project management to assess budgets and time, but it is up to the whole team to sign in and update their work.

2.     Monitor Your Project Progress

Project management software is essential to tracking tasks, as a manager can easily check on the status of assignment at any time. With project management software, you’ll get big picture view into all open activities and the ability to look down the line to anticipate problems.

You can break the job down and look ahead with Gantt charts and other visualisation tools to see what tasks are on track or falling behind. What’s great about cloud-based projects, is that many tools will offer alerts and updates to your team members once a task is finished. Also, any tasks that are late will be highlighted or flagged.

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Cloud-based projects do a lot of the updating for you, moving projects along and notifying team members without any outside intervention.

3. Stay Secure

With a cloud-based app, you can securely share files to those that need to see it. You can even set different permissions and send files only to those individuals. Strong passwords, single sign-on capabilities and the right encryption levels will guarantee the trust of your upper management. This is especially important if you’re working with external clients. They’ll appreciate knowing that you have checked that the tool is secure for their information as well.

4. Consolidate Your Communication & Get The Right Version Every Time

The chief benefit of cloud-based projects is that you now have a reliable and consistent method of organisation Gone are the days of using your inbox as the location for all project files, comments, and updates. You’ll free your inbox from unnecessary emails. Project managers and other team members have one spot to reference for updates or questions. It’s faster to leave updates or list ideas that everyone can access immediately. But for the capabilities of the software to really take off, you’ll need everyone on board with the software and committing to the updates.

Because a file is not tied into someone’s hard drive, cloud-based projects have the ability to update files automatically. That way the updated and correct file is immediately accessible.

You no longer have to wait on someone to send a file out to the whole team. If a version is lost or missing, you can go back to the previous one and compare any changes.

5. Know How You Work And Get Help When You Need It

When starting with cloud-based project management software, a good start is key to your team’s success. Everyone has misgivings about how it could go, so starting off on the right foot with help will help it go smoothly. A world-class customer and product support team will help you do it.

Even if you move your projects to the cloud, no project management software can change your team’s habits, without real conversation and a commitment to change. The best project management software companies offer support to your team and also to work with you on establishing the right habits. The best features won’t matter if your team doesn’t use them effectively. Partner with a company that provides the “safety net” you and your team need to reach your goals.

No team or project should be left on their own to tackle the tough spots of cloud-based projects.

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