5 Common Video Types to Market Your Business

Different medical video production companies say, Video has become so ingrained in our lives – whether it’s on TV, a YouTube tutorial on how to cook a meal, a creative segment on our social media feeds, a webinar at work, or an interview with the cast of a popular Netflix show, video has pretty much permeated how we connect, interact, and digest information in our everyday lives. On YouTube alone, nearly 5 billion videos are watched per day. Because of this, including video content in your business marketing strategy is an essential part of creating brand awareness and generating revenue. Here are 5 common video types your company should consider incorporating into your marketing efforts.

Client or Consumer Testimonials

Testimonials are the perfect way to demonstrate the value of your product or services while also building credibility with prospective clientele. Potential customers are always hitting the internet to find what other people are saying about particular products or services, which ultimately facilitates the buying decision. Rather than simply adding a few quotes on your webpage, you can elevate your efforts by putting together a video montage highlighting your best testimonials. For consumers, physically seeing an individual attest to a product or service is a much more powerful source of credibility than just reading words on a website.

Explainer and How-To Videos

Positioning your brand as a thought leader in your space and delivering valuable tidbits of content for your audience is a great way to build trust with consumers. Whether it’s interview tips, how to use a new app, or advice surrounding HR best practices; educational content accounts for the largest portion of videos watched on a daily basis. By putting together short explainer videos, you’ll establish yourself as a credible source that places value in delivering effective customer service.

These videos can also be recycled and used across various marketing channels, such as accompanying a “How to Create a Product Roadmap” video with blog posts that provide more in-depth content. By creating complementary content over various social media channels and online platforms, you will be able to broaden the scope of your reach and appeal to the varying appetites of how your consumers prefer to digest new information. What would normally be somewhat boring instructions, can be delivered in an entertaining, easy to understand way through the use of creative videos.

You may also want to consider leveraging this type of video content to answer some of the most frequently asked questions your support team receives, which includes crafting tutorial videos that can be emailed to customers who request help with navigating your product. The most complex concepts are easier to explain when you pair it with visuals that a customer can understand. Whether you choose to use whiteboard animation or invest dollars in hiring a professional video service to customize video content for your business, never underestimate the use of visual communication in converting leads and retaining clients.

Product Demonstration Videos

Rather than explain the benefits and features of your product or services, you can use demo videos as a way to highlight this information in a captivating way. Not only will it improve sales efficiency, but it’ll give your team the perfect collateral to share with prospective customers during a sales meeting. Regardless of what you’re selling, building successful product demonstration videos requires a few best practices.

First, you should incorporate your brand message into your script, ensuring that your communication remains cohesive across all business teams and platforms. Next, you want to inject some life and personality into your video in order to separate yourself from competitors and many of the dry, dull demo videos on the web. You’ll also want to focus your attention on the video quality that you’re putting out there. If your video quality is poor, consumers will make a negative connection between the low caliber of your video and the quality of your product or services.

Videos Promoting Your Internal Culture

Another great way to use video content is in a recruitment capacity to advertise your internal culture and put a face to your brand. Videos showcasing company culture give prospective hires a behind-the-scenes look at what life is like working at your organization. These videos could showcase your employees hard at work, at a company-sponsored event, or highlight some of the benefits and perks your business offers. You can truly get creative here and even ask for ideas and input from your current employees. While these videos are mainly targeted at attracting applicants, potential customers will find value in this type of content too, as it builds trusts and puts your brand’s personality on display for a consumer.

Product or Service Advertisement Videos

Informative, entertaining advertisement videos, when done correctly, can engage your audience and help potential customers form an emotional connection with your product or services. Although you can go many different directions with your video ads, you always want to keep your brand message and customers in mind. Whether you use influencer marketing or make pop-culture references, you want to keep things fresh, innovative, and professional looking.

When it comes to using video content for your business, there’s no denying the advantages it can offer on a multitude of fronts. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy, even in a small capacity, can help drive customer engagement, increase revenue, build brand equity, and establish your business as a leader in the space.

Daniel Nansim, I’m a first-generation American hailing from Budapest, Hungary. I was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Dallas. I currently live in Oak Cliff, right outside of downtown Dallas with my wife and daughter. I love travelling, being with my family, listening to music that moves me, landscape design, art, and self-improvement.

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