Azure Outage

Microsoft’s recent Azure outage highlights importance of service continuity and the challenges of relying on connectivity.

How durable is your cloud storage?

What does that long string of 9s means when a cloud storage providers talks about how safe your data is?

Reducing big word terminology

With many cloud providers communicating with acronyms and in big enterprise terms is it any wonder that cloud adoption is not higher?

Can you see the Cloud for the Fog?

Bigger isn’t better. It’s all down to how you treat the customers and how far you are willing to go to protect their cloud data.

IoT, not just great technology

The IoT is more than hype, it can provide delivery and consumption of some very interesting and valuable products and services.

IT still not ready for IoT

IT departments are still not ready for the Internet of Things. Increased security threats and data privacy issues considered the biggest challenges.

Humanised NOC

Is humanised NOC Inevitable? Avi Shalisman considers five cases where human interaction perfects NOC automation.

Swift Spotify cloud streaming

By removing her entire music catalogue, Taylor Swift’s exit from Spotify shows how cloud-based music providers have changed the music industry.