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The Future of Work in an Age of Virtual Assistants

Automation has long been one of the world’s most transformative forces and its impact only promises to accelerate. During the industrial revolution, engineers designed...

Telcos Need to Adapt Quickly to Deliver Omnichannel

Almost every five years we see a significant evolution in technology lifecycles. In 2000, we saw IP-based communications (mostly desktop) go mainstream in the...

Sesui, Announced as Finalist in the Oxfordshire Business Awards

Cloud-based telephony innovator, Sesui Limited, is proud to announce it is a finalist in the Oxfordshire Business Awards 2017, following on from its success...

Cloud Communications: Separating Myth from Reality

Real-time communication (RTC) services have begun and will continue, to migrate to Cloud environments. As part of this migration network device, such as session border controllers (SBCs) are also moving to a virtual, cloud deployment model.

Understanding the Technology Behind Virtual Data Rooms

The Virtual Data Room (VDR) market is set to be a billion dollar business over the next couple of years. A report published by...

How to choose a work collaboration tool for your virtual team

When it comes to working in virtual teams, using the right productivity and work collaboration tool can be both a blessing and a curse....


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How to add AI to your cybersecurity toolkit 

A successful implementation of AI in cyber defense requires a solid data governance system, reimagined incident response frameworks, sufficient talent and expertise to manage the new system, and established documentation practices.

The Metaverse: Virtually a reality?

Metaverses have the potential to enable virtual worlds to expand beyond the gaming genre to encompass all manner of social and commercial activities.

Cybersecurity and Cloud: A Look Back at 2022 and What to Expect in 2023

Businesses are continuously reassessing their resources and options to fill their tech stack. In this competitive digital landscape, the innovative use of technology will be something that would generate a competitive advantage for organisations.

Shopping for Data: Ensuring a seamless user experience 

This combination can drive a business’s data culture and provide a structured approach for businesses to benefit from data intelligence across their operations, with only a few clicks.


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