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Beyond belief: imagining a world without open source

Whether we realise it or not, open source technology plays a key part in our daily lives. Broadly, the term refers to immaterial goods...

The Node.js Foundation Partners with The Linux Foundation on New Node.js Certification Program

The Node.js Foundation, a community-led and industry-backed consortium to advance the development of the Node.js platform, today announced development of the inaugural Node.js Certified...

4 Open Source Security Predictions for 2017

Organisations of all sizes and types are expanding their use of cloud and mobile applications, which rely heavily on open source components; and these...

Discussing New Gen Apps at Red Hat Summit 2016

When Compare the Cloud was invited to speak at the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco, of course we graciously accepted. The topic? Next-generation...

Is your data locked in?

Daniel Thomas considers software defined networks and asks if your cloud services are locked in to your data centre?

The Case for Open Source Virtualization

Rick Delgado outlines the key business, technology and operational advantages of open source virtualization software. Virtualization has now become a regular part of the business world. Company leaders no longer look at is as the wave of the future so much as it is one of the present day tools used for business.


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