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Disruptive Seasons Autumn 2021 – Lee Biggenden – Nephos Technologies

https://vimeo.com/622293166 Catch Lee Biggenden from Nephos Technologies as he appeared on Disruptive Seasons Autumn 2021!

Disruptive Seasons Autumn 2021 – Daniel Blondell – McLEAR

https://vimeo.com/622292404 Join Daniel Blondell from McLear as he appeared on Disruptive Seasons Autumn 2021.

What Does an Augmented Workforce Really Look Like?

Businesses are increasingly advancing the use of automated and AI technologies, but are we ready to manage teams with people, robots and AI working...

Why Smart Homes Require Smarter Security

Smart home applications have taken the world by storm in the last few years, with consumers rushing to outfit their homes with the latest...

The Future Of Work? Employees Will Be Gamified + In Control

We’re seeing major social change, across Britain and globally as people redefine the pattern of work. More and more workers seek the flexibility to...

Autonomous vehicles – Is the hype warranted?

So where is your self-driving car? Those of us waiting in hope must reckon with the daily news cycle, as tech companies big and...


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