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Demystifying the cloud for CFOs

Inside corporates, The Cloud is on a roll. In the beginning, the IT department was cloud’s natural early adopter. There was initial resistance due to...


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How Cloud Native Application Protection Reinforces Your Cybersecurity Posture

By implementing strong access controls, encrypting sensitive data, regularly monitoring and auditing cloud environments, using trusted cloud service providers, and training employees on cloud security best practices, organisations can take the necessary steps to protect their cloud-based systems and data from cyber threats.

Discovering Rules Through Machine Learning

Machine learning, unlike commonly thought, can be used to supplement rule-based systems. While there are possible ways of combining one into a single system, the former can also be used to garner insights that can then be implemented into the latter.

How 5G is changing business operations in 2023

The ongoing rollout of 5G is giving rise to a whole host of new enterprise business applications and services which opens doors for CSPs to reach new vertical industries and boost revenue.

Organisations are not standing still in cloud adoption

Despite companies being at different stages in their journey to the cloud, what’s clear is that no one is standing still.

Data is the key to unlocking investment for emerging markets

It should be clear then that data, and transport data in particular, is crucial to securing the kinds of public and private investment that will take emerging market economies from recovery, towards sustained (and sustainable) growth.

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