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Disruptive Seasons Autumn 2021 – Vera Loftis – Solution Junkies

https://vimeo.com/619887016 Solution Junkies' brought a team down to speak at Seasons! An excellent keynote on a fantastic looking stage!

Disruptive Seasons Autumn 2021 – Sri Ambati – H2O.ai

https://vimeo.com/619888231 Check out this brilliant virtual presentation from Sri Ambati!

Disruptive Seasons Autumn 2021 – Darshna Kamani – Barracuda

https://vimeo.com/619886801 Darshna Kamani from Barracuda put on an excellent keynote. Watch it now!

Disruptive Seasons Autumn 2021 – Allan Behrens – Taxal

https://vimeo.com/619885849 Join Taxal's Allan Behrens for his segment on Disruptive Seasons. An excellent session is guaranteed to leave you with new insight.

Disruptive Seasons Autumn 2021 – Chris Newlands – Tripsology Group

https://vimeo.com/619919926 Chris Newlands from the Tripsology group made an appearance on Disruptive Seasons, you should check out what his presentation is about it is out...

Disruptive Seasons Autumn 2021 – Bill Mew – Crisis Team

https://vimeo.com/619921954 Bill Mew from the Crisis team produced an excellent presentation at Disruptive Seasons. Watch now to gain expert insight!


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