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Cloud and Cyber Security Expo launch Techerati Live digital conference in partnership with Disruptive

Online panel discussions will be streamed live and direct from Disruptive’s state of the art COVID-19-compliant London Studios  London 6th July 2020 – Cloud and...

Safeguarding cyber health in uncertain times

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has triggered the greatest upheaval of modern life in generations. In response to the pandemic, governments have enforced...

DDoS attacks – Seven effects it has on cloud environments

A question that I’ve encountered many times in the field of late is what are the impacts of DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service)...

Data Protection for Cyber Threats

In today’s world, protecting your organisation’s data from cyber threats is becoming a number one priority, not just at the I.T. level but at...

Cybersecurity | A forward-thinking approach

Cybersecurity is perhaps the most important issue in today’s business world. But you don’t need to be told that: all you have to do is...

Online Security: Why It Matters To Your Business

The internet is not always a safe environment and living in the digital age means that we are exposed to an increasing number of...


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Designated Driver: Why Complex Technology Environments Require a Steady Hand

While the function of monitoring software is to provide configuration and compliance assurance, in achieving these tasks, typically the solution will actually deliver much more than this.

Building the Business Case for Satellite IoT 

The door is open for SIs across the world to build on the knowledge gained over the last few years,

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