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How to Design a Winning Cloud Procurement Strategy

The procurement and adoption issues around cloud services are many, and their interactions are complex. One of the fundamental problems is that most organisations...

How to Get Boards ‘On Board’ with Innovation Governance

Industries around the world are facing disruptive digital transformations. Emerging technologies are demanding new ways of operating as well as delivering unique, sustainable value. In...

Why Big Bang switch outs of IT invariably just go BANG

I’m going to take a leap and suggest that if you are reading this you’ve either lived through a big bang, know someone that...

Cloud Malware – The perfect breeding ground, ignore it and it will bite you

The constant struggle to keep malware out of the organisation and deal with it when the inevitable ingress occurs is a well-trodden path for...

What will keep CIOs awake at night in 2018?

Continuing our series of articles looking ahead to 2018, Matt Fisher, SVP of Product Strategy at Snow Software takes a look at what will...

Application Performance Visibility – Sort Out That subscription!

Many CIOs struggle to deliver responsive services for globally-mobilised workforces while controlling networking costs. But they could take surprising inspiration from the way I’ve...


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Metaverses have the potential to enable virtual worlds to expand beyond the gaming genre to encompass all manner of social and commercial activities.

Cybersecurity and Cloud: A Look Back at 2022 and What to Expect in 2023

Businesses are continuously reassessing their resources and options to fill their tech stack. In this competitive digital landscape, the innovative use of technology will be something that would generate a competitive advantage for organisations.

Shopping for Data: Ensuring a seamless user experience 

This combination can drive a business’s data culture and provide a structured approach for businesses to benefit from data intelligence across their operations, with only a few clicks.


TD Synnex is a leading global distributor of technology...

Unveiling the Top 10 Cybersecurity Threats to Watch Out for in 2023

As technology advances, so do cybercriminals' methods to gain unauthorised access to sensitive information. With the increasing reliance on technology in both personal and professional settings, it is crucial to stay informed about the top cybersecurity threats to watch out for in 2023.

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