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Business intelligence in a multi-cloud era

Until recently, the relationship between business intelligence systems and cloud providers has been simple. BI tools have traditionally been built with a single-vendor architecture...

Five tips for adopting Business Intelligence (BI)

Recent research conducted by sales-i revealed that 9 out of 10 B2B companies see Business Intelligence – along with other data-driven technologies – as...

A Radical New Model is Needed for Data Analytics to Thrive

Data warehousing has reached an impasse. Born in an era of monolithic systems walled off from the outside world, the data warehousing technologies that...

BI in the Future, is there a BI Problem? – #Cloudtalks with Assimil8’s Will Boyle

In this episode of #CloudTalks, Compare the Cloud speaks with Will Boyle, head of sales for Assimil8 Business Analytics. Will speak's about how Assimil8...

Information Builders Collaborate with Microsoft Azure Marketplace to Offer its Omni-Gen

Enterprises buying Azure Marketplace PaaS applications can improve ROI for key business entities with leading data platform Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI)...


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The value of colocation data centres in IoT

IoT data processing is increasingly being pushed out to the network edge to get as close as possible to the source sensors and end-users of the resulting data analytics

Strategy and anticipation are key to securing against cyber threats

With technological progress comes increased security risks. Sophisticated and co-ordinated cyber groups are working every day to find potential entry points into organisations’ networks.

Raising talent attraction and retention with IT investment

To be at the centre of talent attraction and retention, businesses should make use of workplace technology that enables them to integrate collaborative, secure and sustainable measures into their operations.

How NIST started the countdown on the long journey to quantum safety

Leading the charge to develop a post-quantum cryptographic standard for organisations is the US government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Overcoming economic uncertainty with cloud flexibility

Particularly for companies that jumped into the cloud headfirst, taking the time to optimise existing processes is a remarkable way to reduce infrastructure costs and free up OPEX for delivering business value.

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