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Emma Sue Prince – Opening Lines

Watch our new Opening Lines video now. This week we have Emma Sue Prince who joined us to talk about her book '7 Skills...

Can you sum up your business idea in three sentences?

The answer to this question is definitely ‘yes’. And more, you should sum up your business this way. If you can’t, you probably haven’t...

Is your business Built to Grow?

https://vimeo.com/338856259/e471b23dca In recognition that entrepreneurial and business growth is closely tied to impatience, adopting a success modelling approach can certainly ‘fast track’ your success. Here...

Is too much Noise keeping you from success?

https://vimeo.com/338854915/979c961de0 Sometimes we seem magically able to give our full attention to the activity that we are doing. Creatives call this being in the ‘zone.’...

Answer Why? What? How? and What if? – Opening Lines

https://vimeo.com/338855592/ce5881e343 How to engage everyone in your audience The four questions are based on ‘The 4Mat System’ by Bernice McCarthy. The system is useful for structuring...

What is Impact, what impact are you having as a leader? | Opening Lines

https://vimeo.com/339313639/7e611fa2ba You always have an impact on people and the world around you, whether you pay attention to it or not. Ultimately, everyone is responsible...


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To fully support agility, the solutions chosen will need to enshrine all the latest innovations in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning or prescriptive analytics.

Preventing data sovereignty from confusing your data strategy

The reason why sovereignty is so important, is that it enables organisations to be innovative with their data and deliver new digital services. Historically, there has been a distinct lack of trust in the cloud, leading to a lack of innovation.

Edge and cloud joining forces

For a decade-and-a-half now, centralised cloud computing has been considered the standard IT delivery platform and little is set to change on that front.

Cybersecurity stress: how to safeguard your organisation and avoid IT burnout 

For organisations to improve their security, they must seek visibility of all the components that go into the software they use.

Improving industrial cyber defences in the cloud

t's an exciting period of change for the industry, as new technologies are woven into operations to streamline services and enhance the customer experience.

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