Dariush Marsh-Mossadeghi

Dariush Marsh-Mossadeghi, Head of Technology Strategy and Architecture, DataCentred Ltd

Dariush Marsh-Mossadeghi is a business and technology professional with extensive experience in platform architecture, development and operations.  He has designed products and services with budgets between £1m-£50m across timescales of between 3 months and 2 years. He has led teams in both start-up and corporate environments with 18 years’ experience delivering world-class enterprise and internet scale architectures providing secure, high performance services.

He has experience in technical operations for media outlets, including the BBC and BSkyB. Between 2003 and 2005 he worked as a Technical Architect designing and implementing the infrastructure which supported the BBC internet service platform. His key achievement was the modernisation of the technical strategy whilst managing to increase service capacity and reduce costs by 25% over a three year period.

Subsequent to this Dariush played a key role in Sky’s strategy and architecture team through a transitional phase in the evolution of Sky’s web presence.  He was a New Media Architect supervising Sky’s shift from a sales and marketing oriented website to a key service delivery channel and designed and implemented the integration of Google’s online service platform with sky.com, delivering services to 24 million users.

From early 2006 he mentored a team which redesigned the BBC Interactive TV production and development systems. Most recently as Project Director and Lead Architect at BBC Future Media & Technology he delivered a multi-functional service provider network creating the BBC digital services platform we recognise today.

Dariush holds a BSc Hons in Applied Science & Resources Management from Kingston University.

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