Claws on a Drone – Perhaps not exactly the best way to make the drone revolution look less terrifying but we have it now and the possibilities are endless. Feel like you haven’t got enough cats in your life? Well, the world has potentially become a giant arcade claw game for you as you zip around the neighbourhood (literally) picking up the local feline community with ProDrone’s latest offering which is rather snappily-named the “PD6B-AW-ARM”.

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When thinking about this claw-handed drone that can fly at 6km per hour with a battery life of 30 minutes it’s hard not to revel in the possibility of attaching small weapons to the machines and conducting air battles. The advert itself doesn’t seem to do the gadget justice as we watch this mighty piece of tech fulfil its purpose in… moving patio chairs.

The mechanical arms are strong enough to lift 22 pounds (just over half of the drone’s bodyweight). The eerie-looking tech’s Japanese creator says the toy will have a range of industrial uses (beyond the moving of patio chairs you’d have to assume) from cutting cables, lifting cargo and perhaps even dropping a life-saving buoy.

Most frighteningly, the drone can use its claws to ‘perch’ like a giant robotic bird on ledges or railings. Despite being the pin-up drone for a dystopian future it can’t be ignored that these robotic devices will ultimately assist in heavy duty jobs by reaching places quicker and easier than human counterparts. Of course, there are obvious negative connotations of the technology and fears rumble on of the drones being used for attacks on innocents but this can be applied to most new technology.

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