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Finding Ikigai – Opening Lines

Out Now! Our new Opening Lines video. This week our author is Paul Hargreaves writer of Forces for Good. You can watch the video and...

The Curiosity Continuum | Opening Lines

Our new opening lines video is out now! Watch as Jon Burkhart talks to us about The Curiosity Continuum and what this means You can...

Creating a Business Development Culture – Opening Lines

https://vimeo.com/338854583/4f8aaf2417 I talk regularly about , the business development paradox that exists in businesses where individuals have to both sell and deliver their service. The Business Development Paradox...

What makes a brand great? Opening Lines

We’re surrounded by brands. They are so ubiquitous that we rarely stop to question why they exist in the first place. What are they...

56% of people fear public speaking – How it can hold us back in business

https://vimeo.com/338855980/4b46991bd2 I believe public speaking fear can hold us back in business.   It’s often how someone presents themselves that prompts an audience to take action...

What man’s best friend can teach us about good ideas

https://vimeo.com/338855225/b83c2bf96b I recently spent a couple of days with a friend who had just got a new puppy. This cute little thing is a cross...


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