New Years Resolutions from Druva and LAN2LAN

New Year’s Resolution #1 – Don’t put off looking at how you will deal with regulations too long

“The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation will hang over IT teams for the foreseeable future – any organisation that collects data on its customers within Europe will have to have its security and data protection affairs in order. For companies that are moving more of their IT infrastructure into the Cloud, this represents a big challenge. For those with mobile workforces – and to be honest, these days that is almost all companies – the challenge will be even greater. Look at this sooner rather than later.”

Jaspreet Singh, CEO, Druva


New Year’s Resolution #2 – Don’t just look at DR in isolation 

“Disaster recovery has been a big selling point for cloud services over the past two years. This year, we’ll see more collaboration taking place between the DR team and the compliance team within the business. The reason for this is that there are more files being created on mobile devices rather than within the confines of the office, which leads to potential gaps. Mobile devices also open up more channels for communication between employees, and between the company and its customers or suppliers – think about how text messages are being used, or chat apps are getting added to improve collaboration. All of those channels could contain data that is relevant to eDiscovery and audit. Without taking mobile and edge computing into account, companies run an unnecessary risk.”

Jaspreet Singh, CEO, Druva


New Year’s Resolution #3 – Plan ahead while trying to be agile

“More companies are going Cloud, or increasing their investment in Cloud rather than on–premises IT. This shift has led to more conversations around security and disaster recovery in general too – the risk of failure amongst public cloud services providers has led to better planning discussions taking place. You’d think that issues would dull the appetite for Cloud, but instead there is recognition that it has to be thought through and architected properly. Those companies that have done a good job around Cloud DR and planning are leading the way.”

Gary Duke, Sales & Marketing Director, LAN2LAN


New Year’s Resolution #4 – Don’t think about Cloud on its own – focus on the outcome

“Rather than the Cloud being a solution to every problem, there’s much more focus on how to make use of Cloud over time and in a more systematic way. This approach can help CIOs modernise their IT faster and let them concentrate on building solutions for business challenges, which is where the real value can be created by IT.”

Gary Duke, Sales & Marketing Director, LAN2LAN


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