10 Untapped Tech Inventions You Need To Know About

Technology plays an ever-growing role in both our personal and professional lives. This is because it calls for the application of knowledge to coherently organized activities involving machines that are designed to achieve sustainable goals.

Countless extraordinary tech inventions have shaped modern society. We’ve all heard of the light bulb that propelled Thomas Edison to fame and Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone that revolutionized communication. These are just two examples of products, or rather, solutions invented by brilliant minds. Here, we’ve prepared for you our little list of amazing tech inventions you won’t believe actually exist.

  1. Cicret Bracelet

Imagine a wearable device that makes it possible for you to have your own skin as your touchscreen. This handy technology is THE answer to all those questions on quick and simple ways to use smartphones. What do you have? A small bracelet. What does this nifty gadget do? It projects a touchscreen onto your arm and enables you to access all the features of your phone without you actually having to take it out.

The bracelet comes with its own processor and storage features including a USB port. It uses multiple sensors to guide touch interactions between your fingers and the screen so that you can easily control your phone’s applications. Furthermore, this device integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for you to connect to the Internet from your arm. Talk about convenience.

  1. Everykey

So maybe some of us are not too fond of keys and passwords. Luckily, Everykey is here to save the day. This sleek, secure wristband is essentially a Bluetooth device that uses military-grade security to replace both elements. All you need to do is keep it close to your phone, tablet, laptop, car door, house door, and similar access-controlled devices. Everykey unlocks them when you are nearby, and they lock back down when you walk away. It also generates secure passwords for your website accounts which you can then easily log in to.

Everykey can be deactivated at any time and there is no need to worry even if you lose it. You can always freeze it remotely to prevent third parties from using it.

  1. STARY the Skateboard

This will appeal to the sports fans out there. Weighing a mere 11.5 lbs and capable of reaching speeds up to 30km/h, STARY has been dubbed the world’s lightest and most affordable electric skateboard. It is the fastest skateboard for beginners looking to learn the sport as a means of transportation or simply, as a recreational activity.

STARY delivers high performance through quick acceleration and regenerative braking. It comes with a remote which powers the skateboard by sliding a control forward or backward. It is a practice-run friendly skateboard that works well with different customers. Depending on your skill level, you can choose from four speed modes, including beginner, cruise, advanced, and expert.

  1. LIX

Calling all artists! Technology has worked its way through paper, and you can now instantly create what you imagine with LIX, a 3D printing pen. This is a professional tool that pushes your creative boundaries by allowing you to doodle in the air. Its lightweight design gives it that extra comfort and natural balance which come with gripping a 3D pen. You can create just about anything you like, from freestanding small structures to intricate details and even prototypes.

  1. Atomic Fingerprinting

What’s the real deal? Everyone wants to find out, and in a world with sophisticated counterfeiting techniques, it can be difficult to tell what’s real and what’s not. Luckily, our scientist friends have come up with a solution that can stamp things with atomic fingerprints to keep forgeries at a distance. This confirms the authenticity of an object and prevents global economies from facing staggering losses that could otherwise result from counterfeit crimes.

  1. Zero Breeze

Fancy an AC that you can take with you anywhere in hot summer days? This is where Zero Breeze comes in. It is a portable and multifunctional air conditioner that includes an LED nightlight, a Bluetooth speaker, and a power bank for charging your phone on the go. It does not need a power outlet to function, and its battery can run up to five hours. Zero Breeze is suitable for those who spend most of their time outdoors, whether they are at work or on a camping trip.

  1. iScout

iScout projects all the necessary information for safe driving such as car speed, GPS navigation, fuel level, and maintenance issues as a floating image in front of your vehicle. The device works by syncing to smartphones via Bluetooth and it performs a wide variety of tasks. For example, it enables you to accept or reject calls simply by waving your hand. You can even compose texts through voice dictation and view notifications from applications like Facebook and WhatsApp while keeping the GPS on the screen. iScout also displays reminders, social media content and other notifications along with important features like a forward-looking dashcam to prevent accidents. All in all, this device is designed to promote situational awareness while driving.

  1. Cowarobot

Any globetrotter will tell you that there is more to having the right luggage. Traveling in style matters these days, and this goes beyond selecting the perfect ensemble to wear. Here’s technology at work again with COWAROBOT R1, the first and only carry-on size robotics suitcase that frees your hands during your travels. This smart invention maneuvers through traffic independently and follows its user while avoiding obstacles in its path. These features of autonomous travel and obstacle avoidance make traveling convenient and pleasant.

  1. Thin Client

What can be said of Thin Clients, except that they have revolutionized the IT industry in more ways than one? Before we jump the gun, let’s examine the key characteristics that make up a typical Thin Client.

This endpoint is essentially a secure, lightweight computer that establishes a remote connection to a server to implement computational functions. Applications, programs, memory, and data that you would generally find on a regular desktop PC are stored securely in a data center when using one of these devices. Thin Client technology primarily replaces slow, power-hungry, noisy and cluttered PC environments. Designed to support Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments, Thin Client solutions come with several benefits that constitute a modern IT setup. They promote centralized management, minimize carbon footprint, help achieve less downtime and improve productivity by allowing users to access virtualized desktops and applications with time and location independence.

  1. Tapplock

Here’s one thing. Or, make that two. It is easy to forget important things such as combination codes. What about the constant need for keys to access our valuables? Tapplock, the world’s first smart fingerprint padlock, changes all that as it brings the best of both convenience and security. You can use it in three different ways, including through Bluetooth, fingerprint, and a Morse code backup pattern which involves pressing the power button with short or long presses. Moreover, the device is safe, water-resistant and includes a built-in mobile phone charger.

Concluding Remarks

This is the year 2018 and considering the brilliant inventions we already have, we can only expect technology to continue providing us with so much more. Least to say, it is definitely exciting to get our hands on the products and solutions our genius inventors will come up with next.

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