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Welcome to Compare the Cloud – and thank you for exploring the options for working closer with us.

As a cloud service provider you’re looking for ways to attract new business.  Online marketing most likely forms part of your current strategy – but how effective is it?

At Compare the Cloud we believe we’ve developed a powerful and compelling proposition for service providers who deliver real value to their customers.  Unlike many other cloud computing sites you’ll find online, we’ve taken the deliberate decision not to allow one – or a small number of large advertisers to dominate the site.  Instead we are here for service providers of all size, function and specialisation – to understand your business and share it with the world.  

Our value to our growing base of site visitors and followers is our independence, choice and informative content.  This encourages trust, engagement and a loyal following.   We’re different because we know the industry and what matters – to both a service provider and an IT service user.  Our word is spreading and we’d love you to be a part of Compare the Cloud – whether it be taking up a free directory listing or joining us as a full partner.  Check out our introductory slide show below and do get in touch.

Daniel Thomas – Founder, Compare the Cloud 


Questions?  Perhaps we’ve answered some here:

Advertisers FAQ

What is Compare the Cloud then?

Compare the Cloud is – as its name suggests – a website where a site visitor can come to investigate and compare providers of Cloud Computing and associated IT services for their business.  However, Compare the Cloud is more than that – it’s an ecosystem where site visitors can come to engage and learn about cloud computing, its benefits and how it’s evolving.   For our site partners, Compare the Cloud offers a multi-faceted opportunity to advertise, to directly market and indirectly market IT-buying prospects throughout the UK.

How can I get involved?

Entry-level engagement with Compare the Cloud is FREE!  Register your company with us, provide us with information about your company and then enjoy a free listing in our Cloud Computing service provider directory.  Not only that, but your company will also then be included within comparison tool results for site visitors looking for that particular service you provide.  If you’re looking to advertise on the site, build your online profile, engage in more direct marketing, and generally benefit more from Compare the Cloud, then explore our full partner packages – available at Silver, Gold or Platinum levels.  Contact us for more details.

How can I measure my Return on Investment (RoI) from my partnership with Compare the Cloud?

Partnership with Compare the Cloud should produce a compelling return on your investment.  We understand that this is integral to your decision to partner with us.  At Compare the Cloud our goal is generate the maximum possible level of interest and awareness in your business, and subsequently provide you with opportunities to close more business – and high quality business at that.  The metrics and statistics we provide as part of our service will provide a basic indication of how successfully we are serving your business; however it’s not the complete picture.  Unlike Google Adwords™, our service extends far beyond simple click-based advertising, and includes numerous “long-tail” or indirect marketing methods – which can produce returns over short and longer periods  of time and may not be easily traceable to Compare the Cloud.  Examples of this may be an advertising slot in a Compare the Cloud newsletter, or a tweet where a prospect has “googled” your company name directly.  We encourage our partners to proactively ask all enquirers how they found out about their company and service in order to gain the full picture. 

Won’t the value of my participation fall as more providers participate in my selected category?

Compare the Cloud is founded on the premise that we offer independent service provider comparisons.  A comparison involves plurality, so in order to meet our obligation to our site visitors we have to present a number of options to them to promote choice.  Unlike consumer comparison websites for commoditised products & services which focus on price, the details of our supplier comparison is focussed towards scope and extent of services provided, company metrics and the degree to which a supplier meets the needs of the enquirer.  As such, the more providers and better information we have about suppliers – the better the comparison service we supply to our site users.  The better the service to the site users, the more powerful and valuable the site becomes and the more traffic and enquiries it generates for services and Partners.   Just like Google, the value of the search (to the user) is based on the depth and relevance of the search.   Whilst it may appear as though your company is competing with a number of other similar firms, when it comes down to matching services to a requirement, you’re probably actually only in competition with a handful of similar companies.  We will have highlighted the suitability of your company to the enquirer based on a number of key factors, so its then over to you to reinforce those messages with a compelling service proposal to close the business opportunity for your company. 

Will I be notified when our company is recommended by Compare the Cloud?
Free Listings / Entry-level partners:  Companies registered with a free listing will receive an opt-in email notification when your company has been included in a Compare the Cloud comparison report for a particular enquiry; however the contact details of the enquirer won’t be provided.
Site Partners:  Site Partners will receive an email notification when your company has been included in a Compare the Cloud comparison report for a particular enquiry.  The email will include the name of the enquiring company and the nature of the enquiry but not the enquirer’s contact details.  The enquirer will take the initiative of contacting your company based on the information we’ve provided them.

Can you also improve the SEO of my own site?

Partnership with Compare the Cloud will indeed help optimise your own website for natural search engine results.  Within the site and associated online media your website URL will be listed numerous times on our pages – which themselves have been engineered to have a high page rank value.  These links will help build your SEO profile.

Can’t find an answer to your question?  Then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Call us on +44(0)203 371 8430. or Email advertising@comparethecloud.net