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Cloud Web Security

cloud-web-securityCloud-based Web Security suites are the evolution of traditional anti-spam and email content management systems to encompass web surfers and virus threats. Cloud web security is generally delivered as a modular service encompassing content controls, and anti-virus and anti-malware. Cloud web security suites are also referred to as Internet security suites

Cloud web security suites operate on a network or local PC / laptop device level, in terms of network operation an IT administrator would generally set a rule on the company firewall to send all outbound traffic to the security provider. This simple rule change ensures that every network transmission is routed through the security suite systems to ensure conformance to rules generally supplied by the subscribing organisation.

An example could be a policy on social network usage or banning of auction or gambling sites during working hours. Using a Cloud web security suite would require a simple login to the cloud provider changing the content policy then applying to all staff. IT administrators or human resources personal can then access reports defining usage by user or PC or browser. In terms of anti-virus and malware protection a cloud web security solution is ideal in terms of real time threat protection against exploited web sites and software downloads.

There are some compelling advantages for both users and companies, who adopt the SaaS model of protecting systems from web security threats using Web-Security Suites.

plus-point  Bandwidth savings

By controlling internet usage within your organisation applications and internet communication may improve as a result.

plus-point  Comply with regulations

Employment laws may dictate the protection of your staff from certain categories of content ensure that you do not fall victim to a litigation.

plus-point  Protect your systems

Viruses and other malware can cause mayhem to systems and quickly spread to all devices. Stop viruses and other malware such as Trojans before they take over your network.

plus-point  Latest attack patterns

Using a SaaS based web security provider ensures that your browsers and systems are subject to the latest threat detection and blocking algorithms.

plus-point  Heuristic blocking of sites

Heuristic rules try to anticipate then cotent which is being blocked from your web users, this provides a level of protection unsurpassed in static systems.

With any technology deployment there are things to keep in mind and consider. We have listed out potential pitfalls to consider when purchasing a web security service.

moot-point  Big brother

Social networks today are providing valuable business content and outbound marketing to many organisations. Ensure that you consider a semi0restricitve policy to web and application usage.

moot-point  Anti-Virus

What is the potential providers policy in the event a virus or malware / Trojan infects your network? What is the demarcation policy for the provider in terms of support?

moot-point  Ease of deployment

Whilst office deployment is just simply a firewall or proxy change individual users may require installation of files onto Pc’s or laptops. Check the ease of installation and configuration before subscribing to a service.

moot-point  Trials

Always conduct a trial of a service before subscribing, prepare an internal checklist with goals for the service and measure each vendor against these goals.

At Compare the Cloud, we’re here to help you get started and to identify suitable technology partners to help with your deployment. Take a few minutes to tell us about your company in our Cloud Comparison Tool, and we’ll present you with some informed options – and help you take full advantage of web security solutions.