The educational system is changing at a fast pace. We’ve been part of the old, instruction-based system for too long. But mobile, cloud and AI technologies have brought this system further than we ever imagined. The purpose of the modern educational system is to prepare young people for direct involvement in a world driven by technology.

That brings us to an important issue: technology can enhance the levels of self-management among students. Researchers found that self–management techniques make students much more effective in studying when compared to teacher-mediated interventions.

This is a general skill that can be used at all levels of education, regardless of the learning environment. It eliminates stereotypic responding and activates the student’s critical and creative thinking skills.

What Is Self-Management in Studying, Exactly?

Self-management is a process that involves a few aspects:

  • Self-monitoring – the student observes and records specific behaviors as part of the studying process
  • Self-evaluation – they compare their performance to pre-established standards
  • Self-directed instructions – the student owns the learning process by setting learning goals and managing the tasks, resources, and time
  • Application of knowledge – the student links their knowledge across disciplines and takes it outside the classroom

Where’s technology in this equation?

The right tools can help you manage all these processes. You can use a tool to monitor your learning habits, evaluate your knowledge and weaknesses, set goals, and apply the knowledge outside the learning environment.

Let’s get to that point.

Tools for Effective Student Self-Management


The process of learning starts with planning. You cannot wait for your teachers to plan out everything for you. You should take responsibility and plan your own study schedule.

Scrumy is a great online tool that helps in that process. It’s an interactive planning tool, which you can use to create tasks lists. There are four main categories in the tool:

  • To do
  • In progress
  • Verify
  • Done

You’ll plan the tasks in the to-do list, and you’ll progressively move them towards the other categories.

Dropbox Paper

It’s important to have a document management system, which helps you to stay in control of all your academic projects. In college and university, in particular, professors tend to assign more papers than an average student can complete. You have essays, term papers, research projects, case studies, presentations, and other projects to handle. If you fail to systemize your work, you’ll end up hiring essay writing service based in the UK right before the deadline.

This tool will help you keep all documents properly organized in the cloud. It’s also a collaborative tool, so you can work on team projects through it.

Way of Life – Habit Tracker

The best thing about self-management is that it turns into a full-time habit. When you start evaluating your habitual behavior and you consciously introduce good habits into daily routines, you become more successful at achieving goals.

Way of Life is an app that helps this approach. You’ll list the behaviors that you want to track throughout the day. You’ll include studying, attending classes, reading, writing, online learning, and all other habits that make you a good student. Then, you’ll track those habits with the app.

These performance records will make you more conscious about the way you spend your days. They make you realize there’s enough time for everything; you just have to use it well.


When a professor wants to inspire students to get better at self-management, they assign team projects. These assignments are a test on an individual level. The student has to manage their ego and become part of a team. They also need to manage their time in accordance with other people’s schedules.

With Asana, team projects are easier. You can set goals and organize the daily tasks for each student in the team. Then, you’ll keep track of the completion of the tasks and you’ll motivate each other to do better. Everything can be done from a single platform. Asana is usually seen as a business tool, but it’s perfect for college students, too.


The above-listed tools help with self-monitoring, self-evaluation, and self-directed instructions. What about the application of knowledge, which is also an important aspect of self-management? That’s where WordPress comes into the picture.

Whatever knowledge and skills you obtain, WordPress can help you apply them into practice. Just start a blog. Did you learn a lot about history? Use WordPress to share your knowledge with the world and dig deeper into the topic. A blog will inspire you to learn more, and you’ll take the learning process outside the classroom. That’s what makes you a really good student.

Engagement Is the Ultimate Self-Management Habit

You shouldn’t look at education as something the professor is bound to give you. It’s something that you, as a student, are bound to receive. You have to be as engaged as possible, and use all the needed tools to manage your habits and your time.

Of course; you’ll still get a lot of value from the classes. However, you need to realize that you’re the owner of the learning process, and you need to take it beyond the classroom. With the right tools at hand, you can understand and improve your studying habits.

Remember: the best students in your class are not superhuman. They just manage themselves better. You can do it, too.