It’s not exactly Green Lantern’s ring but I guess it’ll have to do. This week’s highlighted gadget is the BioRing. The BioRing is a ‘wellness tracker’ that is rugged enough to be waterproof and resistant to scratches all while measuring various metrics concerning your health – all from your finger!

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Wearable technology is most optimised in the health and lifestyle market with Fitbit smart wristbands becoming something of a sensation over the past year or so. We have become so obsessed with getting statistics about how much we exercise that the trend has opened a world of ‘bragging rights’ on social media. I don’t think I can open my Facebook without seeing screenshots from friend’s phones boasting how far they have run this morning – often accompanied of-course by a sweaty picture. Fitness has become such a social commodity that it’s hard to think how people did it before the internet existed… I mean what’s the point of looking after your health if you can’t share it online, right?

The BioRing aims to build on the Fitbit while offering slightly different and enhanced features all from a smaller design. Inside, it has a number of sensors to track an extensive set of metrics that include calorie intake, fat intake, heart rate, calories burned, protein intake, sleep level and status, stress levels, water levels, activity intensity, as well as distance and steps, (it can also sense your skepticism). You can analyse all these stats while on the go from your smartphone – if all goes well this will be a great way to prove to people you are in fact stressed! Conversation breakers such as, “You think you’re stressed” will be a thing of the past after people begin to whip out their iPhones to prove that actually, “yes, I am very stressed, I’ve not drunk enough today AND I’ve eaten too much fat”.

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Wait, how can the BioRing know if I’ve just gobbled down a whole slice of pizza versus nibbled on a carrot stick? Well, the BioRing ‘does not directly measure glucose concentrations in the blood’ – invasive samples are required for that. ‘Instead, it uses an indirect measurement and compensate for this by utilising a high quality physiological model and algorithm for calculating the glucose concentration in our cells’. However, if all else fails the ring has a failsafe mechanism to allow the user to know of their intake – if the ring starts to get tighter, you are eating too much… Getting looser? You get the idea.

As the BioRing is connected wirelessly to your smartphone it will be able to receive notifications and vibrate to alert you, the startup company have also suggested that you will be able to customise the vibrations in order to differentiate notifications from different apps.

This innovation does come after many failed attempts at cramming all this technology into something this size such as the Orb Bluetooth Ring that was an earring/ear-piece that was said to allow the user to control apps, receive texts via audio all while monitoring various health stats. It seems like we have had our fingertips on the pulse of this micro-tech for a while but never actually been able to make it work.

The crowd-funded product more than tripled its funding-goal and has already begun to perfect the prototype to move into mass production so the BioRing may be closer to the mainstream than first imagined.

See below for the product video by BioRing: