Big Data

5 tips to tackle the cloud vs on-premise dilemma

Compared to on-premises computing, cloud-based technologies are often praised for helping enterprises significantly improve time and cost savings while reducing the impact on IT administration.

The End of Backup, As We Know It

Organisations must always be prepared for a disaster scenario....

The role of big data in enabling ERP to trigger unprecedented growth Businesses across every industry are operating in an era...

Fighting the Ransomware That Seeks Out Your Data

When 30 countries get together to discuss a problem,...

On-premise vs. Cloud: The Implications On Data Security

When a business is considering which Cloud infrastructure is...

Watson Analytics brings Big Data to businesses

IBM has announced the launch of Watson Analytics, a natural language-based service that provides powerful, predictive and visual analytic tools for businesses.

Episode 1: Piratism, Cloud, Big Data and Microsoft Needs Love Voting on the issues coming soon – in the meantime leave a comment or tweet us at @comparethecloud. Comments may be used for future...

The link between the cloud and wearable technology

Considers how cloud computing is a major driving force motivating the recent trend of wearable technology.

Big Data, Big Deal

By Daniel Steeves, Partner at HBVP Prime Advantage, Director at Beyond Solutions It is easy to drown in big data articles, let alone the numbers...

IBM unveils storage technology for an era of Big Data

IBM today unveiled a portfolio of software defined storage products that deliver improved economics at the same time they enable organizations to access and process any type of data, on any type of storage device, anywhere in the world.

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