Big Data

The End of Backup, As We Know It

Organisations must always be prepared for a disaster scenario....

The role of big data in enabling ERP to trigger unprecedented growth Businesses across every industry are operating in an era...

Fighting the Ransomware That Seeks Out Your Data

When 30 countries get together to discuss a problem,...

On-premise vs. Cloud: The Implications On Data Security

When a business is considering which Cloud infrastructure is...

The New Ransomware Reality

As the headlines showed this year, the pandemic has...

Explaining Big Data to the Mother-in-law

Companies have always used data and information to help run and make decisions about their business.

From Cloud to Big Data

Our obsession with defining services under the banner of cloud computing will diminish next year as the opportunities Big Data provides are realised.

Are you a Workhorse or a Unicorn?

Following the fifth Analytics and Big Data Congress Rhian looks at Big Data analysis. Is anyone really getting it right?

Fast cars, fast clouds

The cloud should become so important, so successful, that we don’t even mention it says Stephen Greene.

Big Data and machine learning as a force for good

Daniel Thomas considers Big Data, machine learning and how our cloud computing expertise could benefit humanity.

Watson Analytics brings Big Data to businesses

IBM has announced the launch of Watson Analytics, a natural language-based service that provides powerful, predictive and visual analytic tools for businesses.

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