How AI can streamline procurement and supply chains

AI can power smarter, data-driven decision making, creating more agile supply chains that can react faster to volatility and protect business continuity.

How AI can improve battery cell R&D productivity

Everything from managing sensitive global supply chains, to aggregating and evaluating data gathered from fleets through cloud computing to improve battery management.

AI and ML: Transforming Industries and Shaping the Future

Discover how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are revolutionising industries such as healthcare, finance & manufacturing while shaping the future of our world.

How to add AI to your cybersecurity toolkit 

A successful implementation of AI in cyber defense requires a solid data governance system, reimagined incident response frameworks, sufficient talent and expertise to manage the new system, and established documentation practices.

How Synthetic data is used to remove bias in AI

synthetic data can be used in various ways in AI and machine learning, from data augmentation and anonymisation to testing and scenario simulation.

Apache CloudStack and the cloud API wars

By David Nalley, Apache CloudStack Committer The cloud API wars have continued unabated in 2013, with many flare ups. Apache CloudStack hasn't been a huge...

Customer Engagement in the Cloud

Next Thursday's EuroCloud UK (what's EuroCloud? - see below) monthly meeting is about probably the most vital topic to all business, and the one...

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